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  1. When ever I see you talk all I can hear is a man on his knees with his mouth full... Cant hear you clearly !
  2. "Moscow is a buzz this morning with the news of another great victory against the British Royal Navy'. The widely reported 'missing' hidden island fleet, attacked the heavy fortified Belize port. The hidden island fleet launched a small scouting raid against Belize, they were quickly fired upon by the impressive Belize fortified positions. The Russian fleet pressed on into the mouth of the port, attacking a British force double their number. The Russian scouting force quickly sunk two British 4th rates, taking little fire in return. Then the British launched a santi, flanked by two coni'
  3. We had fun yesterday at Belize, it was a shame that a British force double our size ran for the Belize safezone when 5 reds ships appeared out of the fog! We had to sit on the edge of the greenzone for 30mins as the brits were afraid of attacking 1 aggy, 1 bellona, 1 coni's, 1 (fire) frig and a suprise with the British force of 1 santi, 2 coni's, 3 wasa's, 2 bellona's, 2 agi's, 5 princes + a few little ships! It was a good fight... Gg brits (next time try leaving the greenzone) Btw the Belize greenzone is huge wtf Devs!!!! Ps. Fire frig babysat the santi! Santa's burn good
  4. Please quote me were I say we are the best! Or where I claim everyone is afraid of us... Iv upset you, I'm sorry. Here, please take this tissue and dab your eyes dry... I take no pleasure in seeing you get upset...
  5. To quote my honorable friend.... "The British port battles record versus AI - win, win, loose, loose. Against 15 man Spanish clan - win, win, loose, loose, loose, cry on forum, loose" I'll leave this thread for talk of pvp results as I have upset British captains... The defence of there 'feelings' is of great concern to me.
  6. "to fight is to live, to hold a musket in hand or fire a canon is as natural to a russian, as it is to breath!"
  7. "Death walks in the shadow of the Russian fleet. Death's presence warms the hearts of Russian captains, it steadies their aim, it heightens their bloodlust" "Russian Empire ships are decorated with the corpses of their British victims, the smell of death follows the fleet. Deaths new herald 'north viking' commands a fleet of demons" Exacts from the blood soaked 'Belize gazette' newspaper found on-board the abandoned British ship "Ante" located drifting north of bensalam. The ship had all the tell-tale signs of being engaged in battle....
  8. Where were you then monkey? Where were your British hero's! "Death walks in the shadow of the Russian fleet, death's presence warms the hearts of Russian captains"
  9. Small extract from the Russian Empires pamphlet 'what it is to be Russian' "Unlike the other nations, the Russian Empire was forged In Conflict, born of flame. We have no homeland, no safe warm waters, we only know the call of battle. We seek the smell of gunpowder, the screams of men. War is the only thing that brings us peace." "captains of the Russian Empire, you are a Wolf. Picture that creature, sense what it is thinking! The Wolf is a predator, the apex predator. it's the king of its domain, even when tamed, only a fool would turn there back on a wolf. It's eyes are sharp, it c
  10. I'm confused, does anyone care enough about what hornblower says to translate his words, from morrons speak into English!!!? Hornblower I know you struggle understanding the simplest of things... We Russians FIGHT the sweeds, we win, we loose. You 'mighty' GB abandoned 5 ports the moment the Swedish attacked a single one of your ports.......! You GB are struggling in a war with a Spanish nation/clan with 10-20 members!!! Unlike the standard nations, the new pvp nations like the Russian Empire were forged In Conflict, born in flame. We have no homeland, no safe warm waters to hi
  11. To benefit it's largest number of players, so currently it would be European localisation. @victorThere's 200+ ports locked to eu attack window, how is that unfair?? How will eu players be hard done by? No nation has its capital on hatii or in the gulf!! You didn't read the post Victor, did you! 24hr windows, meaning the same as global server. No time locks (sorry it wasn't clear)
  12. Love it or hate it, this game needs a single server to include both port battle timers. Iv come up with a list of ports (below) that I'd propose become attackable on 24hr windows. The areas I suggest include the entire Gulf of Mexico, North Bahamas, secret island, hatii and four ports in the map. This would total 108 ports that would be open to attack (global server) times. The ports include; (s means shallow. D means deep) South of the Gulf of Mexico. Mugeres d, Controy s, Conil d, Cuyo d, Salam d, Ysil d, Sisal d, Sabinas d, Campeche d, Champion d, Peurto Real d
  13. Agreed I still feel that the capital of a region should also receive tax from the smaller sub ports... I like the idea Duke. I just wish port battles had stages.... Generate hostility Destroy forts/ blockade (effecting the Br for the upcoming pb) Port battle/raid Destroy towers/Cap circles or destroy dock to get resources etc. Pbs should be in stages..
  14. I honestly think thank pvp marks should say somewhere in the title the two letter code for the nation they were created against. So let's say a swedish captain puts up a buy order for 100 pvp marks at 10000 The marks he received for filling the contract would show (example) pvp mark (gb) x50, pvp mark (re) x 10, pvp mark (SW) x40. Having the nation the pvp mark was rewarded for would enable easy recording and the chance for a little bit of nation v nation fun. All pvp marks could be valued the same for rewards OR the rewards would require pvp marks from all nation's (examp
  15. The British must show up too.... But we all know they are to busy fighting AI...
  16. I love the way you lot talk to each other. Eu could learn a thing or two. Btw gb are complaining about pre night flips lol
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