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  1. When did the "mighty" British empire become seals, only good for clubbing!!! I don't understand the British keep winning the weekly conquest events but they are also noobies..... whhhhhattttt!!!
  2. We need player funded forts and towers... The more money the defending nation upgrades the forts/towers the harder it is to generate hostility in those waters.. Easy... Money sink + restrictions on hostility generation. Top tier forts/towers could only enable missions to be taken in front of the port.. The more upgrades the smaller the mission width is available... The more upgraded the forts the closer to the docks the hostility missions become
  3. They made a proposal that the British,French and Dutch would only pve in national waters. It's the return of the carebear alliance! Personally I think it's crazy that they invited the Spanish! Then the French attached a Spanish screening fleet! It's crazy that French + Gb would advertise to global players that they are a pve nation alienating those who want to pvp/rvr. At least do it after the merger!!! Oh well. Global players at least you know what your getting re-rolling gb/French/Dutch.... Pve ftw...
  4. This is not q post about how hard it is to trade, (which is bs), it's a post about... "It's unfair that I can't trade the most profitable goods on the busiest trade routes without fear or loosing my money/ships!!!" I make a killing doing out of the way goods collections, then once/twice a week I go to a hot zone to sell... It's not rocket science.... Christ if your British, you used to be able to collect goods from the Belize region (greenzone) and sail across empty waters to the kpr (greenzone) without fear of seeing another nation.... Oops!! sorry that we, Russians, got i
  5. Haven't you heard!!!!! The British, French and Dutch are planning to ban all pvp and rvr in there national waters... It's not like the British or French already have 20+ greenzone ports they want every port to be a safe zone! All you pvp/rvr players from Global going Dutch, French or British, I reall hope you enjoy your pvp/rvr ban... "Carebear land, mark II" will be an amazing sight....! Give me strength....
  6. Remember it's not who you play for, it's who you play with...!
  7. Gb have adopted the Sverige nation moto: "do as we say, never as we do"
  8. The French and Dutch have already sunk to the British low. Anyone for bear hunting??
  9. Does the bears of care intend to unite the waring northern clans under a single banner! To purge the world of this deadly illness? Sverige, Russain, usa, Daines, pirates, Prussians, Polish. What say you lol!!!! *edit - tongue in cheek
  10. Well.... Funny you say that, but looks like your about to sign "carebear alliance #2" with your French friends...
  11. Let's announce this here as I can be arses to do it anywhere else. "on the day of the merge, ports under ownership of a nation will be considered 'property of that nation'. The historical port ownership claims will be void." It's a new age gentleman!
  12. Let's call this what it really is: 'the return of carebear land'. Let's cut all the bs and call it as it is: 1) The French want to secure there southern borders and focus on the Sverige threat to the north. Plus Formalise there's alliance with gb! To rake advantage of the new influx of global players looking for a safe pve half of the map. Why do you lot want half of the entire map to be pve only!! Congratulations to all the new players from Global who are thinking of rolling Dutch, French, gb your going to NEVER take part in pvp. I hope you enjoy fighting AI!
  13. The dred fleet has returned.... Hold your heads high my russian brothers, for our time is now!
  14. I wish the Sverige nation and its vessels would either recruit in there own thread or stop the 'anti russian' vibes instead of spamming this one! At least those who are looking at russian empire can see the Sverige nation really dislike us... They are threatened by a strong russian nation lol!
  15. I think you have missed the point of going Russain. The Russian nation is made up of ex enemy's who put the bs behind them and now work together. The past drama shouldn't control your future! I'm an ex pirate from planb and sorry, I play alongside guys from Kings and royal (past players I hated as a pirate) and guys from RDNN and RUS from the Danes. Again all past mortal enemies. Leave the past drama behind you!.. Forge a new future, you control your destiny...
  16. You won't catch the Russians trolling Sverige recruitment thread but they love trolling us.....!
  17. Why is it that the French attack the usa at the same time gb does! Are you allied or something... Ps. Updating the data thread once merged need national allied,war and trade etc. Thanks
  18. Norfolk most of the remaining sorry members sail for GB under the exile flag! (all 5 of them) I think the rest of us are split between Sverige, Russain and pirates... Good luck GB
  19. Ps. The Sverige really hate the idea of the Russians getting reinforcements. After 48hrs of our introduction into the game, we attacked them. We were counter attacked by Sverige and friends (like the ahoy pirates, who were being paid by Sverige to destroy the pirates nation ((hence an extra reason why outlaw battles were removed)) btw) and Danes. Loosing our entire fleet! The Russians also inflicted only the second pb defeat on the Sverige nation. France has the other.. The war has been long, with many losses. But I believe that Sverige is neveous about a known enermy stirring
  20. It's gd to see you back with us, on the server buddy. Look forward to seeing the "new" nations force empires against the old guards.
  21. Not only is French alien to me but your internal politics is confusing. Could we get some kind of "announcement" showing the new comers which French clan is allied to who. I tried with a basic overview but the French update was almost at long as the entire overview. I got confused...
  22. Dyslexic buddy. I struggle with wording, when writing. What I write isn't always what I mean... I'm told when I write it comes across very blunt.! I'll try to edit it later
  23. My dear otto! I ment Sverige only as a natural barrier restricting Polish growth! Don't worry my brother otto, gb has more than enough land ripe for Polish liberation! Id welcome my Polish kin to land around Belize. From Russia with love!
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