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  1. Wow, you went through all my posts until you found that one. I'm honored that I now have my very own (twisted) fan club..
  2. Good old Sverige trolling in another nations thread..!! Remember France, the Sverige moto is "do as we say, not as we do!"
  3. Why did Prussia reject pvp players? Did the risk of pvp upset their British backers?
  4. We set our timers, the Polish, Dutch, Danes, British, Americans, French, Spanish, pirates, Prussians had no issues. But your right its broken because you couldn't be bothered to set yours in time....
  5. We are using the Sverige nation "how to troll like sweed handbook" that we captured in the hats island governors office...!
  6. We posted a PORT BATTLE RESULTS then got trolled!! Then we respond! And you blame us! Give me strength.... Which mod do I owe. Thank you to? "thank you..... Insert mod name here....
  7. Rent for russian dock space is 80% off..
  8. How ironic, you loose your first port battle since the merge and become toxic towards the winner. Then claim it was a night flip and the players were inexperienced.. I smell ALOT of false advertising *reported you to trading standards, due to the amount of bullshit your peddling! From Russia with love!
  9. Belize is like a ghost town.... It's like you lot didn't like the new neighbours...!
  10. Any examples of British succes?? I'm sure our global friends would like to see examples of the spanking gb keeps giving the Ai......!
  11. That were replaced in 24hrs.... The Russain war machine just chugs on....
  12. I just fear a element of risk versus reward is better...! Certain nations have next to no risk! Players are getting used to being able to sail and collect any and every resource under the sun without any risk. If a nation has big safezones then (in my opinion) that nations safe ports should purchase goods at half the price of everywhere else. I can't help but chuckle when players complain about being attacked outside or on the edge of a greenzone..! Looks what the Russians did they took ports from the British in the heart of the pve zone, next to a greenzone. That was an attempt
  13. There's a pve only server for trading etc! I don't understand how people only want 100% safety all the time... Doesn't it get Borring afk sailing around the map. Mabey I'm just from a different generation where in games, you had to work for things instead of being given it on a plate!!
  14. I love how we are the bad guys.. upto 30 players attacking a group of clans (gb) with 150-200 active players. And we are the big bad Wolf....!
  15. Weather and supplies controlled 99% of sea battles Durring this time
  16. I just feel conquest should be slower... Look at our (russian) fight with gb. We capture key ports left, right and centre from gb. They ask the usa to abandon ports and in 12 hrs they have re-coop'd there loses. Either remove the greenzone ports from the conquest tab or slow down conquest...
  17. +1 for port battles over a few days.. Securing supplys/ blockade Fort attacks/defence Port battle to capture/defend harbour (old circle system)
  18. Only a British captain can think a port battle is ment to be fought against AI!!!
  19. Cartagena is only profitable because the Devs keep spawning in 1000's of tar in....! If it costs a billion gold to max out the port is that a bad thing?? You mean to tell me a nation like the British with triple the numbers of players as any other nation, couldn't capture it!!!
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