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  1. Is anyone interested in this information. Most profitable ports Port Revenue Puerto de EspaƱa 4637671 Cartagena de Indias 3288413 Santo Domingo 2382261 Carriacou 2091992 Coquibacoa 1721608 Saint John's 1664928 Bluefields 1641759 Nassau 1483685 Bridgetown 1186489 Oranjestad 1046457 Least profitable ports Port Revenue Turneffe
  2. I know what the game is! It's the only way I get to communicate with British captains as you don't turn up for port battles against us!
  3. Looking at the map this morning I saw something that shocked me...! SLRN (gb) captured a port bottom left of map! How the hell did that happen!!!
  4. How many rounds did gb win against russia before you run away! About5 wins to go frenchies b4 gb gives up!!
  5. Remember guys when the Sverige win a battle is down to them being gods (no matter the odds or number of battles it takes) but when the loose it's always some kind of injustice (no mater what they loose or how many battles it takes) Sverige you Reep what you sow! But as your moto is: "do as we say! Not as we do!" and the 2018 moto "cheating only matters when we are on the loosing side!" and my personal favourite "rules only matter when Sverige is on the loosing side!!"
  6. We miss your video updates! Also I miss seeing a record of how pathetic gb has become in your absence. We have so much drama now: Russian aggression on the Sverige nation. gb +usa in bed (again). pirate resurgence. Sverige nation making puppets of the French and Danes! Spain+ russian empire humiliation of gb. Polish and Prussia on the brink of war! Dutch...... (I have no idea what these guys actually do from day to day!) Gb abandons the historical safe pve waters North of Belize. Betraying the thousands of dead British captains, who fought to defend
  7. I can't understand why players complain about lack of content... Are you telling me nation A can't attack nation B through too G! Anyone can attack anyone! Complaining about timers is just an smoke screen for being lazy...! If your allied to your neighbours then sail for an hour. Find a free port and Start attacking someone!
  8. How long can you stomach being allied with everyone and join a nation who is willing to fight anyone? The nor(folk)th remembers!!
  9. Dane- Sverige alliance (shock horror) Iv got to say I am suprised the French are as inactive as ever!
  10. I think you need at least 24gb ram!! To run half decent
  11. After liberating the Cartagena port, we discovered vaults and vaults of whiskey! We have so much iv started fueling my fire ships with it *hickoup*
  12. Unless I'm mistaken doesn't the "easy" nations have large greenzones (stupidity large) to satisfy your pve-(Ness)!!! Why would you want a non combat server (pve) to have AI rvr and conquest? Surely capturing ports and restricting other nations players from being able to access goods/ports is not pve! But instead a form of pvp!!!!! Pve should NEVER have any form of pvp! Hence no rvr and no pvp!!!!! There's a PVP server for those who want to take part in pvp and rvr. (incase you didn't know 'pve server 'players, gb and france and usa have huge greenzones where you get protec
  13. But Neutral ports are open to all! Restricting players isn't very pve of you!!
  14. The ptu feels ram hungry to me.
  15. Sweden was scared and went for the easiest target... They did it against the Dutch/French (when they were at there weakest). They'll probably now only attack the screening fleets so they can't be defeated in a port battle!! Question... Is LV doing your PR campaign?? "the north remembers"
  16. Huh but when you won ports by any dirty trick going, it was justified!!! Oh yes i forgot "do as we say! Not as we do" Sverige nation moto.....
  17. Who won and who lost the only port in game making 100million plus tax profit? Ships costs a few million to replace!
  18. I do believe the Sverige nations master fleet was too scared to fight the Russian Empires dred fleet, so they instead attacked the rag-tag collection of screeners. Sverige won a battle but lost the port and still call it a mighty victory... Sverige since when did you adopt the British way of thinking?
  19. I love how short Sverige nation memories are! Let me tell you a little story, once apon a time not so long ago! The newly formed Russain empire launched an attack on the Sverige nation only to be screened out and destroyed. The mighty Sverige claimed this as a massive victory. Holding the port at all costs was the most important thing. Fast forward a few months and the Sverige nation now that it looses ports considers that ports don't matter only the sinking of ships does. "THE NORTH REMEMBERS"
  20. Doesn't conquest on the pve server turn in into a second pvp server? I'll never understand players who want risk free pve but who also want risk free rvr....! Next thing they'll want is risk free pvp!!!
  21. People will always jump ship to be part of the winning side. Gb was once the servers superpower, then the usa was. Then sorry was a force it gained over 100 active pirate players. Then Sverige became the new powerhouse and many players flocked to them. Now the Russians have blooded the Sverige war machine, players switch to them!!! People like being on the winning side, you can't change that! Those nation jumpers will be gone in a few months so why does it matter!!
  22. They set the battle and didn't show up! If you do that to them they get soo upset!! Remember Sverige nation moto; "do as we say, not as we do"
  23. Really enjoying 3.0! Easy to find clan mates, the graphics are insane and the javelin wreck is huge.....!
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