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  1. the more trading im doing, the more im liking these new rescources, it adds more for you to trade, and if you do it right, you end up making HUGE profit. i noticed this when i basically ran out of money, so i said "screw it, I'll do some trading" i spun the 26k i had left into about 110k in one trip, with each trip i was tripling my money, its pretty nice i quite like just about all the changes with this patch so far EDIT: i have no idea how rescources is supposed to be spelled i think thats correct MORE EDITING!!: i notcied now that they are called "nation"goods or whatever
  2. im honestly quite satisfied with most of this patch my only problem is i dont have enough time to get materials, to make ships, other than that i dont mind the new "fine" wood types, and i beleive that all the new rescources make sense for all the guys that do nothing but trade. crew loss with raking and what not is nice tbh, i havent lost any substanial amount of crew during fight because im not retarded giving my stern to anything with a cannon, it forces you to be more aware of the enemies movements, and keep them from destroying you.
  3. i have done plenty of boarding actions, either youre doing something wrong, or....i dont know, i never have any trouble the AI boarding actions, and still dont. plus the current boading mechanic is broken and dumb af anyways.
  4. ah, the old days, those were some fun fights. Santa Cecilia OP
  5. The guys over here in swede nation make sure to speak English in their servers, as to not leave people who speak only English out of the conversations. Not once have i felt like im being left out in a convo, because they make sure to speak English. This isnt saying that theyre all american or canadian, and thats all they know, many are actually from finland, sweden, one from turkey, etc. and have THICK accents, i believe that if you just spend a bit of time with them though, that you will pick up what theyre saying with ease.
  6. i can say one thing, i have never felt so appreciated in a nation as i have over here in pvp1 as a swede, theres no bs, you need something, you ask and you will receive. (the only thing is it's difficult to understand everyone ) As for the latency "issue" there isnt one that i can see, on pvp2 i ran around 20-50ping all times, over here on pvp1 i run about 130-150 all times, however; there is absolutely no gampeplay difference. if u do happen to switch servers i can put a good word in for you
  7. indeed I did, I'm a Swede now I'm quite enjoying it over here.
  8. I find it absurd that the ship didn't surrender well before you reached that number killed.
  9. I see no L'Ocean, ur fleet is puny
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