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  1. thank god im an officer and love having me as part of ARMED seriously what the hell are you going on about?
  2. wow i did what? I know im disliked but now someone is trying to get me banned for bullshit reasons?
  3. I don't know about you or what people are doing wrong but.... I pvp in a very small assault fleet 2 - 3 6th rates. And it is very profitable selling capped ships back to the nation or on the pirate market. Pure profits Sell cheaper and sell fast
  4. No.... We attacked a reno surprise and frigate in 2 mercs and a snow last night wrecked reno then beat the frig and surprise into running... We should of got more rewards for being under gunned and out classed and won
  5. I live Freeport to Freeport. These changes in the last few weeks have been great. I have to plan my trip, how long I'll be away from home, what I'll need as a backup plan, what will happen if I fail, what I'll do with captured ships ect ect. It's no longer Port out fight and return to safety. It's planning every move and making sure I can survive. It's awesome. Now I can either get marks or cap a ship I like its win win
  6. It was one of the funniest moments I could think of
  7. by far my favorite moment was one of the last PBs i did on pvp2 everyone from pvp2 who knows me knows im a big drinker lol and i get crazy when i drink and anti social and hateful and well like everything you could think a drunk ironworker would be none the less, it was a 1st rate pb and i cant remember where, but it was right after i lost say 6 or 8 2nd and 1st running fireship fittings. everyone on pvp2 knew i was a total lunatic anyway, we get to this pb and its 25 vs like 12 or 14 of us all first rates. im in our discord (vent whatever the hell we was using at the time) and was tanked. and just started screaming hello kitty this noise im fire ship fitted, and word got out in all chat int he fight so here we have me, in a vic, (not fire ship fitted but really drunk and screaming in vent about im going to take 10 of them with me i sai8l my ass directly into the cluster of 25 1st rates who are doing everything they can to get away from me and im just laughing and yelling getting pounded on. i mean beat like a red headed step child and solo way out by myself with the rest of the rats behind me a good ways. I sat in the middle of that cluster of 2st rates dropping every gun i have as its coming loaded they all turned tail and ran outside the circle and some how some way i managed to survive the horrible beat down, i mean it was a just mind numbing that i was still floating. i turned and limped back to my team and just as they met me the nationals tried to turn around and come back and got slaughtered outside the ring
  8. Access to chat is restricted? IGN: Notz logged in this morning and bam no chat
  9. Just as the title says do we have a who's who irl thread?