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  1. Link for Sant'Antonio da Padova http://bbcc.ibc.regione.emilia-romagna.it/pater/loadcard.do?id_card=161418
  2. This is a Pallas-class 46,93 x 11,91 x 6,20 m (lenght/beam/depth)
  3. And this is swedish frigate Dromedarius, renamed Stralsund in 1712, after lost in action in 1715, or another ship ? I not understand
  4. Also the quarterdeck holding 18 pdr? Which is the historical armament ?
  5. And about the armament of Leeuwenhorst? There's in the national archives ?
  6. Mahmudiye armament : 2 brass 50-pounder guns, 66 brass 32-pounder guns, 34 brass 24-pounder guns and 26 brass 42-pounder carronades http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=14983
  7. USS Delaware armament : 1833: Lower Gundeck 32 x 42-pdr ; Spardeck 32 x 32-pdr ; Forecastle 28 x 42-carronades 1841:Lower Gundeck 28 x 32-pdr + 4 x 8-inch ; Spardeck 30 x 32-pdr + 4 x 8-inch; Forecastle 22 x 42-carronades 1841:Lower Gundeck 28 x 32-pdr + 4 x 8-inch ; Spardeck 28 x 32-pdr + 4 x 8-inch; Forecastle 16 x 32 + 4 x 8-inch If we consider as 8-inch the British ML 8-inch shell gun in service from 1825, the shells are about to 49 - 51 pounds. Source: http://3decks.pbworks.com/w/page/916132/USS%20Delaware%20(1820)
  8. (Sirène 1834) GunDeck 28-24p; Spar Deck 22-24p carr., 2-18p (Sirène 1845) GunDeck 26-24p, 2-22cm shell; Spar Deck 20-24p carr., 4-16cm shell
  9. Le Reflèchi (64 guns 3rd rate): Lower Gun Deck 26 French 24-Pounder Upper Gun Deck 28 French 12-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle 10 French 6-Pounder source : threedecks.org
  10. At patch 9.94 we can see the add in game of the 36lbs guns, the most used in the lower deck on 2nd and 1st rate vessels in history. We must remember that no ship has ever been used in battle with the 42 lbs guns, exception for the british HMS Victory, replaced then with 32lbs at Trafalgar. My suggest for the game is change limitation for 36lbs (usables only for class Oceàn) to be able to use in most of the currently and future 2nd and 1st rates, and add limitation about 42lbs guns only for HMS Victory. This would be correct for a great simulator game.
  11. Pirates are too much ignored in the game for me. You must do a patch only for pirates. No balance at the moment !
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