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  1. Pour ceux qui veulent un petit tableau des navires du jeu .
  2. Le 3pd base medium gun c'est pour le basic cutter il me semble et le cutter à lui du 4pd et 6pd .
  3. oui c'est depuis ce site mais en plus complet et si il y a problème je peux le retirer ça ne me pose pas de problème . A la base c'est juste pour aider la communauté car là tu vois tous en un seul clique .
  4. Bonjours à tous . Je mets à disposition trois tableaux sur les navires et les grades qui peuvent être utiles en informations . "dernier patch" du 09/09/2020
  5. Anibal

    more group list

    hellos, since today I can not see the list of players when I'm in a group because it must surely be on the edge of the screen where I're not access. Would you have a tip for this problem? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello. I just spent pirate by mistake. In fleet with friends, I clicked on a friend and accept the fight, without reading the warning message. I would really like to come back in the nation France. Could you fix it please? Sorry for my english, i'm french and used a translator. Hello, I'm with a group of French friends to serve a mission 169 fleet following an error because I'm distracted by a joke from a friend and now I find myself in the Pirate nation. I was captain Pavilion with some goods and vessels, so if there was an opportunity to get back in the nation France because I am part of
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