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  1. Modifying ships should be extremely limited to keep ships closer to their base stats, so that experienced players with a crap load of time and resources don't simply outclass newer players using the same ship by extreme amounts. Using whatever cannons you like is fine, and having a couple other minor modifications to make the ship a little more of what you want is also fine, but nothing to make it bad as what's already been mentioned in this thread. Also, the grind to get resources to build ships and modifications, the time invested, and having only one durability to lose it all in an instant is a huge mistake. This isn't Eve online, there isn't a huge player base to keep the economy running, to keep the costs of ships and mods down. Each loss hurts the individual player more. You want to promote PvP but then make it such a burden on the loser to do so. Who wants to risk everything if it's going to take them forever to get it back? Losses need to not be so costly, and the rewards for winning not much greater than what you'd get for losing. Sure this might not apply to players in large clans, but a lot of players, especially new ones, won't be in large clans, or might not want to be in large clans, and this will make them quit. Speaking of not having a large player base, this game needs to be released, and soon. The fact that it hasn't been released I'm sure has made numerous people, myself and all my friends included, stop playing. I don't want my progress reset again, I'm not going to play knowing I'll just have to start over again. Then there's all the people who stay away from this game because it's still in early access, and has been for over 2 years. There's little confidence in this game right now because it has not been released. Just read the reviews left on Steam.
  2. Title says it all. Been over 2 years since I purchased this game, when will you support this feature for those of us who invert the Y Axis on games?
  3. Or you know, the only crew replacement option. As there are not medkits for sale that do not come out to less than 500 gold per crew. Nor do I have the materials to be able to build my own. I could pick up the perk that reduces the cost of recruiting crew by 100 gold, which only reduces overall crew costs by a few thousand, but also then makes medkits the most expensive crew replacement option and also means I miss out on choosing a perk I actually want because the crew cost reduction perk basically becomes mandatory. Anyway, whatever, I'm done. My friends already left over this, I imagine others will too, not to mention all the new players that will be driven off by the absurd amount of time required to get any money to do anything.
  4. While I did complain about losing a ship and crew is huge, just losing crew in a battle you win is extremely costly. Last mission I just did: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46177663/mission.jpg 506 hull hits, 5 kills, 1 assist, enemy team had 2 Essexs, 2 Frigates, 2 Surprises, 1 Niagara (poor thing), and 1 Renomee. It was a 152 mission. As you can see my armor was extremely low at the end (and that was after a repair kit). So repair cost (6849) + repair kit (6891) + 75 crew (37500) = 51240 gold spent fixing my ship and replacing crew. 51240 gold. I only earned 64589 + 5000 for the mission for 69589. 69589 - 51240 = 18349 gold for a 40 minute battle. If I didn't have to pay for crew I would have got 55849, which makes doing missions actually worth while. This is unacceptable.
  5. I already have all my building slots taken because I was starting to do economy stuff with my group of friends. Also, in a game called NAVAL ACTION, on a PVP server, economic play shouldn't be required.
  6. The last mission I did was about an hour before my last post. I really wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that I was screwing up and making everything cost more than it should. I even cherry picked a mission I did well on with the least crew losses. My average crew losses were around 55, while my average performance was around 350-400 hull hits and 3 or 4 kills. Again I don't claim to be good at this game, and no one should expect the average player to be good either. I'd say after a hundred hours in the game, being able to play the Constitution or Trincomalee isn't rushing anything. As for the players who only do pvp, they must have a nice cash reserve, do economy stuff, or are amazing at this game and don't lose battles very often to be able to afford to pvp only.
  7. Don't abuse ships that use too much crew? Using a 600 crew ship for a 300 crew ship job? I don't even know what you're trying to say. The ship I'm using for my mission is often on the opposing team in that very same mission, I'm using a level appropriate ship. Unless you're trying to tell me that I should be using a worse ship than what I'm going up against, in which case that's absolutely insane, I should be able to match what I'm going up against. Heck, I should be able to use a better ship than what I'm facing to make things easy and quicker. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46177663/Medkits.jpg Yeap, all those medkits for sale from other players on the US PVP server. There probably is some in a different port, but I'm not gonna be assed to spend the time sailing around looking to see which port people are selling medkits in, as far as I'm concerned, if it's not in the nations capital (what should be the central hub of the nation) there's no point looking for it. Can't make my own either, played for about 5 hours and got a whopping 24 fish meat. Unless I want to buy more off the market, but then looking at the price to make just one medkit it's not even an option. 500 gold per crew is cheaper than buying the materials to craft a medkit, and this is only a medium medkit, I can't craft large ones yet. The last mission I did was a 152, got 68k gold, plus the 5k from the mission for 73k. Lost 39 crew for 19500 gold, used a repair kit during the battle to stay alive for 6.8k gold, had to repair my ship when I got to port for another 7.3k gold. So I actually only earned 39400 gold. And I did pretty well that mission, with about 500 hull hits, 6 kills and 2 assists, which took 40 minutes. 39000 gold for 40 minutes. Almost half of what I earn goes into just maintaining the ship I'm in now, at this rate it'd take me 33 hours to make 2 million gold, and be able to afford a nice exceptional quality constitution or something, and that's only assuming I have literally no other expenses in the meantime like losing a ship in PVP, which on a PVP server is going to happen because I WANT TO PVP. Grinding endlessly in PVE just to PVP every now and then is not acceptable.
  8. Ah, so crafting is being forced on the player if they don't want to pay out the ass. And if all the supplies for medkits are going to be so abundant, why even have the need to replace crew losses as a thing? Why even give players the option to pay a ridiculous amount of gold to replace crew? That's a serious noob trap, the kind that hurts games. You punish players who don't understand the mechanics or don't want to craft in a naval combat game, and those who like crafting (or at least don't mind) pay no cost for crew losses. It's a terrible design decision.
  9. I don't claim to be a good captain, and they cannot expect everyone who plays to be one as well. The vast majority of players will not be the best, and taking losses like this will kill the game. And not everyone is going to want to bother with the crafting system, I myself was just barely starting to craft and noticing how expensive it is to make stuff and level up, and now on top of crafting and buying ships, I also need to replace dead crew? Yeah, no thanks, I literally do not have the time, nor would I want to spend the time, grinding AI fleets to pvp only once in a while in a pvp game.
  10. I don't know what to tell you, his math is wrong or my game is screwed. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46177663/math%20says%20500.png That says 500 gold per crew member.
  11. Yeah, 500 gold per crew is far too much. They've literally killed the game for me and my group of friends. None of us want to spend hours farming gold to buy ships AND crew, just the ships was enough, especially because it means hours of farming gold to pvp once or twice, blow all my gold replacing all the crew I lost pvping, then needing to go farm missions again. Not too mention the cost if we had to replace the ship we lose too. I lost a Trincomalee and had to pay some 162000 gold to replace that crew, that was twice gold I spent buying the ship. For some people that's chump change, for us who don't play nearly as much, that's crippling. I play on the PVP server to PVP, not to farm AI fleets for hours and then PVP once in a while because I can finally afford it. If I wanted to just sink AI ships all day I'd play on the PVE server.