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  1. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    My parents hated me, I'm hung like a gerbil, I'm short, I weigh 802.82lbs, my face is covered in boils. Screw Linkin Park, I only blast the finest tracks by My Chemical Romance while shouting "FTW". But... at least I don't hide behind an alias. Wait... This isn't my real name. Move along, nothing to see here.
  2. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Determined Defender Perk

    I always ran Determined Defender when it was in the game previously. I used it to counter rage boarding in fights against opponents sailing ships of similar rate. All it did was make an enemy have to put in some work to get the boarding opportunity. IIRC, at that time we had limited repairs and couldn't bring crew back from the dead by splashing rum on their corpses so DD wasn't a huge "ace in the pocket." Rather it was just a layer of defense. These days I can see the perk really just putting too much hurt on captains in smaller ships who put in the effort to out play those in larger ones. That's not really good IMO.
  3. Rhodry Heidenrich

    pvp announcement

    Ah, yes.... the system of olden times where I actually gave a damn.
  4. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    The notion of wanting to cater to players with the "Disney Pirate" fantasy seems dubious. I'm suspicious that those types of players probably don't have any longevity and may not be worth fussing over. They'll figure out that this game isn't about instant gratification and will move on to Sea of Thieves or Skull & Bones. Pirates being an easy-mode Nation, and the desired void for a "Pirate like" faction being filled by Russia/Poland/Prussia is just so strange. Nation building players should play in Nations and those of us who want to scratch out a living away from the drama, egos and tomfoolery of RvR should be the ones flying The Black.
  5. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    A lame excuse if I've ever seen one (if that's what they actually said). The Pirate faction should have been --from the start-- what Prussia/Russia/Poland are, and those same nations should have never been put into the game. But it's a moot point, really.
  6. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Enough with the sadomasochism (looting wrecks)

    Look on the bright side, at least we have realistic sailing. That's something, right? In all seriousness, I agree with everything you wrote. I think very fondly of by gone days when I didn't have to really wonder if the ship I was out on the OW with was a super-handicap in PvP. Had no issues with using a garden variety frigate outfitted with easy-to get mods. Then, there came a point where it just didn't seem like heading out with anything less than "meta" was going to be a meaningful use of my leisure time.
  7. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Enough with the sadomasochism (looting wrecks)

    Ah, good old World of Eversailing for Randomlootcraft.
  8. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Broke VM for top Nations

    ...and yet players still fought over over "nothing but dots on the map" because they enjoyed the PvP brought about by RvR. I get that people like to get a cookie for winning, but where game developers go wrong is when the cookies they hand out create a stupid advantage for the winners. It breeds negativity within the game community and is a good catalyst for gaming/exploiting the system in order to multiply that advantage. PvP is the most fun/competitive when it's both balanced and accessible for those who want to participate.
  9. Rhodry Heidenrich

    Share Your first day at see in the open world (Words only)

    Since dead threads don't say no.. Log in. Choose Pirate. Figure out UI. Set Sail. Attack some AI to figure out combat. Navigate my way to another island. Log out, forget about game for 8 months.
  10. Rhodry Heidenrich

    US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Let me join in on the idea of Lionshaft being the V.P of anything.
  11. Pissing in the wind, boys. Pissing in the wind. Not that it's my place to stop you if it's something which tickles your fancy. Everybody has their fetishes.
  12. Pepperridge Farms remembers when upgrades like copper plating were craftable and available for cheap. It actually gets my hackles up to think about, and the upgrade system as it is today is one of the reasons I have a really hard time logging in.
  13. EU's could start by not following the American protocol of thinking the world revolves around them. Kappa.
  14. Rhodry Heidenrich

    US disaster Inc.

    So is it safe to assume that the U.S nation on the Caribbean server is going to be just as much of a meme as it was on Global?