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  1. I'd like to see musket men on the masts, waisters walking around on the decks, some men in the masts made to look like they are modifying the rigging, a helmsman, and perhaps a few officers and midship men located in various places to create some sense of order. I'd also love an additional camera that is restricted to the decks and stairs of a ship, making it seem more of a first person experience, but its understandable if this isn't implemented. A "fire as she bares" mode would be great to allow your gunners to fire as she sees fit, historically accurate while you steer your ship.
  2. This is an update to my testing. I've tried waiting until after the battle begins before issuing commands, this had no effect. It seems free mode and retreat still works, but demast still does not. I recorded one battle in which both rattlesnakes fired their bow chasers after the target at the beginning of the battle with no orders given, and then ordering them to demast, which ceased their firing. I then placed them back on free mode and they began shooting again. One thing I did notice was on free mode they some times fired chain shot of all things. I'm a bit disappointed, as I hope
  3. I've just built two rattle snakes and sent them to fleet to be used to demast enemy ships to make it easier for commerce raiding. They are fully crewed, they did not have any modules before being sent to fleet, they were full health, 5 durability. In my first battle against a trader snow, I ordered them to demast her and planned use my brig to take their crew down. During the entire battle, the rattle snakes were able to out pace the snow, and maintained a close proximity, but not a single shot was fired. I ordered them to destroy and after that had no effect, I ordered them to free mode, also
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