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  1. Aloha screwballs. It be me. Just here to attempt to post a topic about whenever the hell my account was created, touch base with people, chat it up with the 'rats.. be a drunkard... complain, etc. Boatload of changes to both the game and apparently the forums as my post history has been nuked as well my in-game account(the latter caused alot of us to quit, myself included) since the game went live. Limited chain shot? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Loki ships that i unfortunately ran into already? But my couple of PMs stayed for whatever reason. Weird. Sink you
  2. That screwball thinks that 38 UNKN's went Pirate when only 11 did LOLOLOL. If we had 38 make the switch and were active we'd be larger than BLACK. Keep making stuff up Yanky, it's doing wonders for whats left of your reputation and credibility HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. ***Off topic. Please post on-topic responses to threads. - H. Darby***
  4. Maybe if you actually tried to help the Bahamas you would've seen some US players that didn't want to 'deep only' and then wonder why there weren't enough players for it or that were able to sail first rates. Buttom-up assistance *GASP* DOES NOT WORK.
  5. Pirates have more active players online than actual server players online? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA
  6. Bro... you need to learn what a slingshot is.
  7. ^ this, and other things. Like a hyper-inflated economy.
  8. Well, there's nothing 'new' about anything the crusty old clueless guy has said. Or that we've said. An arguement is, in point of fact, a discussion. If only US leadership would be more inclusive, up-front, SMART, and better organized, things would be way different. But since they're mostly either 60+ years old or 13 and stuck in their 'my way or the highway' mentality.. they don't understand why so many people speed off. They're too blind to see anything else, not the forest through the trees and/or the trees through the forest. I'd give them all mirrors, but they still wouldn't bother to
  9. I highly doubt this screwball is going to point out what mechanic it is that we have that nobody else has. Most likely because there is none.
  10. It's flat-out better organization and communication.
  11. Whats funny is how easily this is being done and with so little effort.
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