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  1. I love this game and every aspects of it. You can fight Pvp or Pve, build, trade or only travel. I love to sail and discover new places, small creeks just for the beauty or the game and landscapes. And, secretly, I think I will discover a wreck or a treasure hidden left on the shore or shallows. 1) The openworld map is so big that it could be possible to have such events. Most of the time, I only see ships in coastal waters. a few ones sail in lost places. When sealed bottles appeared, all ships were at sea, but not really sailing, only creating fishing fleets. New event isn't very intere
  2. New ship coming in Naval Action. L'Hermione. Lafayette's ship during US independance war.
  3. ENG - English Nation Gunners is recruiting. Rank doesn't matter. Any nation but english spoken. We play PvP or Pve, so you can choose what you prefer. Crafter level 50 for ships and upgrades. We are based in Kingston and Plymouth. No military organization. One rule : have fun ! Clan Officer
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