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  1. Hi there, Generally I don't like the possiblity that if PB-Timeslot is e.g. 4-6 p.m. a big clan/alliance can create short time before that time the hostility and very next time the PB-Fleet is attacking. Personally I would prefer a minimum timeslot of e.g. 22 hours before PB can start. (taking care for possible PB-Timeslot set by defender) To be honest I am not that big RVR/PVP player and are most time active in PVE. Others will have a more important opinion on this. But this isn't the point of my question. Some noticed that setting PB Timeslot for each port will become expensive. How and when will the attacking Nation notice that a port-timer is set and will get the detailed times? Was there an information given? If this time-slot is unknown before hostility has succesfully been generated the defender has 2 advantages: he can "bet" on ports that will not be attacked and save the port timer money (With the risk to be wrong in the opinion that this port is not interesting for anyone) Without a Spy and that information the attacker cannot easily plan a "2 wave" attack. (Hostility first and then direct PB) Valid question? Nikodemus
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    Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    Thanks Looking further into details i find few ships similar to this: Trincomalee| Slot1: None | Slot2: None | Slot3: Surprise (Slot 4) | Slot4: Renommee (Slot 5) | Slot5: None | Is the following understanding correct? Slot 3 unlocked by Surprise (with 4 slots) but not 4 and 5, even when I collect XP Slot 4 (and 5?) unlocked by Renommee (with 5 slots) Nikodemus
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    Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge

    Hi there, I tried to create a graphical solution (like the old crafter tree) to reflect the correct route through the unlock tree. But still I have litte doubts that I understood it correctly and I hear several different opinions out there. Lets take following example: Surprise | UpgradeModulesCount 5 | Slot1: None | Slot2: None | Slot3: Renommee (Slot 4) | Slot4: None | Slot5: None | Understanding 1: To unlock any upgrade slot for Surprise it is needed to have for Renommee 4 slots unlocked, (seems to be wrong) Understanding 2: Slot 1 and slot 2 can be unlocked without any unlock of previous ships. Only if 3 or more are wanted Renomme must have unlocked 4 Slots. I guess Slot 4 and Slot 5 can only be unlocked if Slot 3 has been unlocked before. Can anyone confirm which understanding is correct to have clarity on this? Regards Nikodemuss