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  1. This is the development we want to see 👍
  2. This is a trick question, USA owns the whole world... even if you don’t realize you’re a state yet
  3. I accept your challenge
  4. @admin can I suggest a fun perk? 'Crows Nest' or Barrelman'. Gives the player greater distance to spot ships in OW.
  5. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    I think what admin said, as i posted for this thread, is the best promise a dev can give to the community, that's why many of us bought this game. @staun your question was: Why should ppl buy a Dlc ship if it is worse then other ships" if this is legitimately your concern about the company running out of money and people need to buy the DLC then I say this, a redeemable DLC ship does not matter if its a 3/5. the player will still use it, will still hunt traders, and sometimes kill 4/5 or 5/5 crafted ships because the truth is they are exceptionally good ships, unique, and cannot be crafted. Where we are right now is, it sure as shit is much better than the 3/5 surprise or cerberus i craft. This leads into @Sovereignargument Then why waste everyone's time, we keep pumping out ships, until we get a 4/5 or 5/5 that finally decide to keep? Just make the game more efficient and have the base craft be a 4/5?? whats all this business with 3.5x more likely or 10x more likely? it doesn't matter. its time waste that could be towards pvp instead of crafting and breaking Im not using because i think players shouldn't be forced into buying dlc, it can be there as an ease of access. Fine. but the game should be reared towards crafting ships not buying into dlcs to survive in shallow water
  6. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    WOw dude the way you describe it I should be swimming in unlimited 4/5 and 5/5 ships and the market for them should be massive... only no and while im sitting in port pumping out dozens of ships and collecting mats the dlc player has already sunk others and is having fun. Your first statement goes against admin when he stated craft ships must be better in terms of upgrades...check the OP. Furthermore what bs claims as to why crafted ships are better, which none but "higher chance on extra slots" is the only possibility on any effect during a 1v1.. your off topic,
  7. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    I don't understand why some are arguing against the ability to consistently craft a 4/5? (OR having the ability to craft a refit into her, Or whatever else you guys think of )It takes time and effort that 2 clicks does not, yet its hardly a striking advantage over a 3/5 dlc More people would then want to craft ships, more craft ships + dlc ships roaming around = more pvp
  8. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    No this thread is not about their removal, Its about making dlc ships stay in the game and giving higher value to crafted ships Its about someone who wants quick fun vs someone who puts in time and effort to gather resources and craft Yes he stated that before I knew it was possible you could redeem a 5/5 dlc ship, which gives my suggestion even more weight
  9. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    I never suggested nerfing i suggested improved craftability or at simple level, buffing. Crafting is boring with little incentive and most players would prefer to just cap ai or buy dlc
  10. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    then your aren't very good are you Never said they have to be 5/5 but rather 4/5 with the possibility of being 5/5, OR really any other idea such as giving crafteable refits on the ships (Boston refit) The objective is to have dlc players also want to craft ships because there's another incentive, not to make DLC ships completely irrelevant. Trust me a 4/5 or 5/5 ship is not unbeatable of your 3/5 dlc ship
  11. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    1st, thats the problem, crafted ships have a slim chance in being a noticeable advanced ship over DLC. why not make that chance a consistency. If you guys look back at the clipped picture on the OP i posted, it says crafted ships MUST be better, not have a chance of being better. 2nd I dont know that depends if they release more dlc ships of other classes, but again, admin stated that class does not matter.
  12. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    @Hethwill the Red Duke I know you like practicing your English, but try not to banter in this thread, I'm genuinely interested in seeing if we can get a bonus from crafting ships.
  13. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    It kinda seems like its a bit off topic now, after sleeping a nice 8 hours and fresh eyes this is what i see: I proposed for the change of crafted ships, not DLC ships (I dont believe they should be taken away, they do provide more pvp and action, GREAT! but as you can tell some in our community do want to get rid of them) I was seeing if we could make crafted ships have an advantage in terms of open upgrade slot (not such a big deal i thought it be better for all as even DLC buyers could craft better ships) Admin responds saying the herc is balanced, a large part of the community disagrees, oddly enough admin only stated the herc and not the le requin. He said that in the hercs class there is at least a better ship in one aspect. Then states the following: This OP has nothing to do with why we sell DLC or the effects of DLC, DLC is here and staying. Again i'm just asking for a tuneup of crafted ships. At least with the possibility to choose a crafted refit of the ship would be a neat idea as well (i.e. Boston refit) This is a bit contorted, of course there will be better ships, there is no "one ship beats all" and would be silly to say so, However, these DLC ships do out perform a vast majority of their class ships. Again.. i'm not asking for the change in ship stats or a whole rehaul of ship performance, just a change to crafted ships (in the process of crafting them) which gives merit to crafted ships. I'm not sure why people are asking the devs to change how DLC ships operate, I am not. Soft Stats adds a facet that i think should be looked at, anyone who took a statistic class in university, can attest that hard stats is not final result Now i know the real reason server pop is so low.... they lost and got sent to the Gulags PS I'll take that duel @admin but not sure we need an even lower pop count
  14. pit

    Better Ships for All!

    You simply have no idea do you. Thats ok your a new kid so ill lay it out for you: Naval action API index for modules all in game Improved Sextant Ship speed + 4 % Copper Plating Ship speed + 3 % Speed decrease − 10 % Basic Quadrant Ship speed + 3 % Naval Clock Ship speed + 4 % Crew transfer speed 4 Navy Hull Refit Ship speed + 2.5 % Cotton Sails Ship speed + 2 % Crooked Hull Refit Ship speed + 2 % Take your pick "speed nerfs" umm wrong terminology. "For those of us that don't have stockpiles of copper"? umm Esteros is making 68k, Little Harbour 822. Any player with a brain cell can stockpile at such low prices. learn a bit more before you comment Any way this topic is not about mods but DLC ships vs Crafted Ships. back to topic
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