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  1. Which NA players got away from because they are Arcady and streamlined..? what do we care what the masses do
  2. In my opinion it’s leaning more towards streamline quick pvp and dlc. Why bother with OW
  3. 😱! Only now admins saying there’s no need to haul basic resources...
  4. @Diceman I know your too blind to see the correlation between permits and dlcs. Breathe the pure air and break your chains you capitalist slave!
  5. You stated an opinion, fact is dlc is hurting the econ, and for some players, Econ is the game. So yes some people can say dlc is hurting the game in their eyes. There are many econ/traders/crafters I know who have quit because of devs ignoring this side. you have no idea what this game coulda been. Ps take it easy on the Fox news
  6. I always like this idea.. maybe some flaws- to win pb, destroy all forts or sink all players. bring back boarding of forts. let clan controlled port choose placement of forts as clans can now construct forts with port investments (has to be touching water to allow boarding/ not be exploited) bombarding port does structural damage to a developed port i think this will force aggression in pb and give attackers a harder time
  7. No more hauling wolfie according to admin.. all your alts are useless now 😛 shoulda saved that money for dlc missed ya!
  8. So this game is being taking over by a bunch of rich spoiled brats?? Can’t be bothered to craft. Wow GG, this game is literally replacing vets with dlc happy kids. Bye bye rvr, Econ hello streamline arena
  9. Can we get this implemented in crafting already? To hell with rng!
  10. Silly Irishman is too late to repair the damage, where were you months ago to voice with everyone else. game needs a full reboot, discussions always dead-end now, but good luck.
  11. I had a forum discussion about this, admin said that crafted ships have a higher probability of being 5/5s and that seems sufficient for him, don’t know if the crafters felt that way
  12. A Wipe is the least of this games issues- broken economy, terrible rng grind, dead rvr, dwindling numbers, abused overpowered ship mods, directionless leadership, constantly changing damage models. I hope everything thing is wiped, it will just do quicker what is already in the process. Prepare for dlc swarm after the wipe ✌🏼
  13. Full speed towards release!
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