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  1. Exactly.. I think the activity index would be very complicated and prone to being "gamed." I'm of the opinion that port bonuses should go. Level the playing field for all. And this drama goes away. Community becomes healthier.
  2. Let's just remove Port Bonuses. Handles all the politics. Less politics = more fun. More fun = stronger community. Stronger community = more success for Game-Labs.
  3. Actually.. I'd like to see a mechanic that disallows inactive clans from holding ports. If you're going to hold a 50pt port you should have a certain activity level in your clan. Another thing: I'd like to see a wardec mechanic. Basically if a national clan goes rogue and sells out to the enemy politically... Other clans have a recourse against them. Like Wardecs in EVE Online.
  4. Up to you Game-Labs.
  5. @admin Where is the Environmental Effects Master DLC and the Privateer Fleet Immunity DLC? Apparently Russians employed this dlc at Baracoa today. Just hoping you'll make this available to the rest of the game soon so the rest of us can get in on the dirty tricks too. Great idea btw... Very clever. Say, $5.00 per? I'd go as high as $15.00, but since you rolled it out to only Russia first I think we deserve a discount. Thanks!
  6. Switching nations is a chore, however not an inordinantely hard one. The idea that you can leave one nation as an Admiral and attain the same post in another Nation's navy is laughable. Yes, Cochrane left GB and became an Admiral in the Argentinean Navy. He left the most powerful navy in the world. Napoleon left the Corsican militia as a general, and suggested the French accept him to that rank. They laughed and made him captain. Switching was a good thing for Napoleon, it simply slowed him down. This is the whole point of a penalty to nation switching. It may be a great and worthwhile choice, but I think it would improve the culture of the game if such a move included some drawbacks.
  7. The Prolific Forger DLC permits mobility when a nation is failscading. However, it seems to be TOO easy to swap nations; with some entities flipping back and forth monthly depending on who owns their favorite ports. A potential consequence to curb this disloyalty would be applying a penalty of losing 3-4 ranks each time the DLC is activated. With Master & Commander being the lowest one's rank can descend. I DO own this DLC, and I regard it as a valuable purchase and necessary for this game. It would be nice if players had to weigh the consequences of deserting nations. What's your thoughts?
  8. As a new player I've just been locked out of crafting. Was this intended?
  9. I just have to point something out: Your first two sentences seem like a gripe that an MMO requires you to play as a team. In actuality NA is very soloable. It has more content for solo players than other games that require team play. I've played EVE since 2007 and find NA to be quite enjoyable because I can solo play. Now I'm can't stop here. "b) Could you consider in making the pve server more interesting to play?" You want the handholding of the PvE server, but you desire the dynamic content of the PvP server. Would you make up your mind? Decisions in life come with drawbacks and trade offs. You can have have anything, but not everything.
  10. Intrepid explorer.

  11. Perhaps it's inappropriate for the 'theme lore' Naval Action is trying to adopt, but here's a suggestion: Company. As in the British East India Company which, according to Wikipedia "received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth on 31 December 1600: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company Or the Virginia Company that was a combination of the London Company and Plymouth Company chartered on 10 April 1606 by James I. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Company While historically accurate, this may not reflect the "role" that Naval Action developers want their customers to play. What do you think?
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