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  1. As I said in the post that was removed... and very on topic... You got jokes. The problem isnt just you dont communicate outside of these forums. And good you put it in game on the login, in pink.... really pink? But the people who DONT login anymore because they are sick of the dead servers or lack of content. When they see a big patch hit on the Steam downloads they will wonder, "maybe he fixed the game"... then come back and go "WTF?!" At least you tried....
  2. To be honest, most people wont even know the Global server will be shutdown till a few days if not weeks after it happens. Why? Because they dont use the forums and the ADMIN is bad at communicating any other way.
  3. The big question is WHEN will this happen. And will anyone be there to see it?
  4. So all this salt from the EU players. Well a few EU players.... Do they not realize that they can just recruit these North American timezone players and solve their night flip woes? But I guess that is below many of them.
  5. The question I have is how are players who have a second character on the EU server going to be handled. Like I have a Global character in Spain, he has vast majority of my stuff, and a character on EU who is just a troll pirate toon I made. How will that merge be handled? Will I just get everything as a redeemable on my EU toon?
  6. Carry a cargo hold full of Iberian pork, and make it a fire ship... and have a pig roast!
  7. If it is a fast base speed then it should be fast top end. None of this crap of a 10knt ship getting to 15.5knts because you put some magic on it. I mean do they have Tinker Bell trapped in the hull and she is powering the ship with ferry dust.
  8. No ship should go faster than 15% of its designed speed. And speed mods should be BUILT into the ship at design not added to it later.
  9. Something I learned a long time ago from a friend who was a developer at EPIC Studios USA. Hiring more programmers actually slows down the development. You need to bring these new programmers up to speed on your current database and how it is coded. It can take days if not weeks for a good programmer to come up to speed on how your system is setup. Which ultimately costs you man hours to do work until he/she is able to do it on their own. At this stage let them work. Things will get done or they wont.
  10. I do all the time on the EU server. I actually only have one crafted ship and that was bought off the market too. My old primary hunting ship was a crew space-cedar snow.
  11. I agree that game mechanics make it difficult to get a fight in a reasonable amount of time. But that is a population issue. And you were the aggressor, even though they thought they were attacking you, you let them come to you... like a spider to a fly.
  12. I am not the same kind of PVP'er you are. I am selective in my fights. I also sail ships that can easily avoid those situations. I have seen Vernon when I am on the EU server. But never when I am out sailing but on the EU server I sail a Prince that someone made and sold on the market, that or my store bought Snow. But I havent logged into the game in over a week now. To busy playing other games where I can PVP with less effort.
  13. Good PVPers dont end up in a situation where they have to defensive tag a bunch of noobs.
  14. I was pretty active for a while. But life and other games drew me away. I dont have the time to hunt and PVP for 6 hours a night. So 1 fight a night is about all I have time for with the sailing required. And yes, I do have a ship with over 20 PVP fights on it... my Lynx. I am a "RP" PVPer... which means I RP a privateer/pirate, I dont look for "fair" fights, or fights against equal skill players. I look for the win. I have been attacked by some of the best on Global, and I have evaded them. I know it is a fight I cant win, I wont try to win I will lea
  15. This is telling me you are sailing poorly. If you are in a situation that you can not win or escape from, that is your mistake. I have not been in that situation as of late.
  16. First, when I did play hardcore, I was in more than a few battles a week. I averaged a couple of fights a night, but I have a job and a life, so playing 100 hours a week isnt really possible for me. My Lynx captured more ships than any other ship I have ever had. Total before I retired it to transport duty, was 27 ships captured in PVP. My Renomee only has 5 so far, but I havent logged in at all in the past 10 days due to life. Oh and it is whistling... not whisling.
  17. Do you know how many ships I have lost since this patch has happened.... 3. 1 Snow 1 Trader Brig 1 Privateer. That is IT. I still have an Indefatigable that I captured oh... a week after the wipe. STILL GOT IT!!!! I still have my Lynx that I built 3 days after the wipe, the same Lynx that I used to raid the US coastline, and the pirate waters. Yep... still going. Sorry but we dont need multiple durability, you just need to learn to sail better.
  18. Every ship should have a "shot locker" which is a separate cargo strictly for ammo. Each type of shot takes up so much space. This isnt a mass thing but a space thing. If you want to run around with all chain then go.
  19. Repairs being reduced, but accuracy of guns reduction should go with it. So it comes down to he who has the most guns on target wins... not who can sit at 750M firing ball at the topsail masts wins.
  20. The solution is simple. 1- Reduce all guns accuracy by 1/4th. 2- Remove the Gyro stabilized broadside. If you fire and your ship begins to heel or roll, then your other guns will roll and heel with the ship throwing off the shots. 3- Remove mast repair in battle.
  21. There were instances though of pirates, capturing ships and only taking the cargo and leaving the ship and crew alone. It was not uncommon to be honest. So it should be an option for pirates at the very least.
  22. I agree 100% about cannon accuracy being WAY to high. This is why I believe all guns should be less accurate. There is a reason why the race to mount MORE guns and heavier guns on a ship happened. It was accuracy through superior volume of fire. In simplest terms, it was, if I shoot more guns per broadside, and fire more often, I am going to hit more often, and thus cause MORE damage. Firing a gun from a moving platform on land is difficult enough (speaking from an actual tankers point of view). I cant imagine trying to fire a gun that is more or less, fixed to its position, w
  23. Oh I agree masts should not be replaced in combat. Funny thing is the sail crew are dedicated to sails.. they are able bodied seamen and that is their job in combat. They stay near the weather deck on ships with a gun deck, and get ready to run out and up the ladders and on the ropes to do what is needed to change the sails. It was covered in the series Hornblower. Styles is seen leading the men out on the deck from below decks to change the sails. Most men on a ship of the line had very specific duties. Gunnery crews were just that, gun crews. They maintained t
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