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  1. 1. Fix warping revenge fleet issue 2. Tow to port with hold loaded (with sufficient cooldown, mabe only once a day) 3. Improve/animate boarding mini-game. Some time ago there were some ideas about allocating crew to front/mid/rear section, influence of different ship angles etc...
  2. Flankengott

    Little things you'd like to see

    Agree! At least, Trader Tool should be updated several times a day to reflect the true current "available" situation.
  3. Brilliant suggestion! Two thumbs up!
  4. Flankengott

    Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    That's the point! Hence, the following suggestion: Provided that we all wanna keep chat and TS (to abandon this would btw solve the revenge fleet issue immediately - however, a very drastic way, I admit ;-), maybe a zone/circle could be implemented around any battle location in OW, in which only "in battle speed" would be possible. Maybe with the diameter of the equivalent of the arena. So that any revenge fleet could approach as well only with battle speed when entering this "pre-arena" zone (adjust battle entry timer correspondingly). Thus, if a skilled ganker is fast enough to capture/sink his victim in short time, he - being dropped as well in this zone after battle - might have a realistic chance to escape from the approaching revengers, while the revenge fleet might have a realistic chance to get him... The OW warp speed is only necessary because of the big map. But here imho a solution must be found for the transition phase from macro world into micro world...
  5. Flankengott

    Little things you'd like to see

    - I already read it somewhere but please insert a dot (.) or colon (,) in the numbers for each thousand. 34,669,923 is better to read than 34669923 (which I would be happy to read some day...) - I'd be happy to see any kind of communication via flag signals during a battle, like it was in those days, instead of chat. Would be hard of course, but maybe you could enter the message in some kind of chat window and then the flags would be raised on one side of the shrouds with the words being shown beside the flag as translation (alike player's names shown during the battle).
  6. Flankengott

    Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    I fully agree with what you say. Players have to deal - and DO deal - with the conditions they get presented. But that's exactly my problem with this basically great game at the moment: I personally would like to play a decent realistic game in the Age of Sail. An age which was dangerous and risky when you went out on the waters. But not an age, in which my (potential) victim could use modern means of communication to call for help, ending up with a fleet of friends showing up in warp driven vessels from locations far away for his support AFTER (!) the battle, of which they normally wouldn't even have taken notice - or maybe weeks later when the message reaches them that a good old buddy got attacked and sunk by some bloody privateers, although they have told him not to go out alone, but he knew better, and so on... If I attacked him and made a mistake because I didn't spot a (revenge) fleet lying behind a corner of an island, or just had bad luck with some of his guys coming along occasionally and could revenge him because they were at/came in SIGHT (!) range - my problem! But since we here have the combination of chat/TS (which I suppose noone would be willing to give up;-) together with two different instances that take place at different speeds, I'm afraid this can only be solved by well considered balancing... With other words: nothing against revenging per se. But only some that fit to the environment/background of this game...
  7. Flankengott

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    But isn't that exactly the point? Only friends "in sight range" should be able to help. Imo the problem with revenge fleets is that they can be arranged by the means of "modern" communication, i.e. chat and TS. While the first can be prevented by e.g. disabling outside battle chat function to call for help while in battle, I'm not sure how to heal the latter one tbh... Why not implementing some visual signal in OW when getting ganked (signaling for help, periodically appearing lights/firework, ...), appearing at the position the battle takes place and initiated by the attacked ship (stuff/mats to be taken with you)? By this, ships that occasionally come by / are in sight can come and help. Or even wait for revenge, why not? Gankers ganking in fully crowded enemy waters (near the capital) should be aware of the risk of being outnumbered, which is lower the more outside the capital regions the raid takes place. Whether the help comes directly or later doesn't change the situation basically. But important: only ships in SIGHT range (as it was in these times) should be able to be involved... Hope my suggestion isn't completely ridiculous as I'm only a causual player, but I track these forums discussions very eagerly interested and simply would like to see this game being improved.