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  1. Trying to set something up to improve relations between our nations and the French response is basically "BOO PISS BOO WE HATE U"
  2. I get the feeling you'd spend even more time lurking around Pedro than you do at present
  3. To be honest, we can introduce more ranks and substantially increase the crew amount you get- it would simply allow high level players to sail round with beefier fleet ships if they desired, and I for one think it would be hella fun to be trotting around in an indiaman with say, two fully crewed bellonas as escorts.
  4. Hey! At present, we have random AI traders and fleets sailing around, with no real purpose other than floating targets. I'd like to suggest that rather than having random fleets and traders, or perhaps in tandem with those, the fleets sailing around are actually carrying items for the nation- If a player collects from his/her resource buildings in a given location, but is unable/unwilling to sail that cargo to it's destination themselves, they could hire AI traders to make the sail for them; like deliveries to/from free ports currently; in the open world, able to be attacked by players of anot
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