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  1. Damage to rigging = Demasting. Rigging is such a complex mechanism with so many parts that for sake of simplicity in gameplay environment you can consider it one element replicated by masts and mast sections. I wanted to like this game so much. I invested months of real time sailing across much of the map. I think the problem is I know too much about how Age of Sail combat actually worked and what the Caribbean actually looks like. This game has great strengths, but it also has great flaws. Life is too short for me to spend much more time on this "book". I'm switching to EVE onl
  2. Will the game ever simulate damage to rigging in addition to damage to sails?
  3. The OP's picture would be better if the lower set of images was in order of the ship turning, instead of backwards order.
  4. With the change to the new PVE server, my ping has doubled. Not good. How many people have this problem?
  5. What I miss is being able to fly up above islands and above towns, etc. Locked/limited fly distance sounds like that won't work. A fair amount of results of the effort that went into designing all the land will remain inaccessible.
  6. If anyone wants to know anything about 1805: Sea of Glory, send me a PM. I'm the Living Rules Editor (i.e. I wrote the latest rules) for it and have written a new scenario and variant rules, among other things.
  7. The open world in NA is too beautiful to have the Home (free) camera turned off. Would it be possible to have all-but-your-own ships/fleets be *invisible* when the Home camera is toggled on? (to solve the problem of people looking around corners for ships)
  8. Spectacular video, thanks! Would be great at LEAST vs AI (occasionally).
  9. I'm incredibly sad I wasn't around to see lightning on the horizon and storm battles. I dearly hope to see them in the future!
  10. After reading this ENTIRE thread today, here's my two cents: Another vote for STORM DAMAGE, as well as dolphins, flying fish, and whales. Also currents and drift/anchoring. Tossing guns at sea for speed. Manual sails and target barrels in the OW for practice. Wind shadows. Bigger bow waves through swells. Musket fire at close range outside boarding. A barometer on the OW and lightning. And, by God sir, let there be PVP on the PVE server against Smugglers! With suitable warning before this change goes into effect. A regional reputation system, motivating dispersal, could also be a great fea
  11. I'd really like the open world camera to go down to deck level, and I'd like to be able to closee the gun ports, at least on ships with no guns.
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