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  1. I am back after working and not having the time again to play the game. Also, maybe because I bought IL2 BOS and Borderlands 2, so yea. But anyway, what stage are we in for the tournament? I need to play catch up.
  2. I checked the timers before I went to bed last night, to make sure everything was fair. I did it via the chat messages in battle, when judge said go to when he said stop, and came up with 1-2 minutes with a window of 30 or more seconds because the chat time does not have seconds displayed. I might have made a mistake on my part because I was bone tired, so if someone else comes up with different times, they are probably more accurate. And just for everyone here, this is why I delegated this stuff, because I am bad at organizing stuff.
  3. This is EASILY the most anticipated match so far, just for the fact that Vicious is in it.
  4. can we tribunal them? After all the devs, and literally the whole server is backing this tourney, so...
  5. I just had an idea! When ever a team is eliminated in the actual play offs, can we have a cannon fire, like in the Hunger Games?
  6. Just got back from work. Can some one give me the tally of who's in the lead?
  7. If anyone here has a youtube channel with a decent following, or a live stream, that can help me make an updated video on how to tack, aim, rake, board, points of sail and stuff like that tomorrow at 16:00 GMT, or what ever time is good, that would be lovely. It will probably happen in ship duels so we don't lose a dura.
  8. I have 50k gold on OCEAN winning versus UGLY and SLRN winning versus DANVE.
  9. OCEAN should fit 2 of their ships with gold fire ship fittings and allahu akbar the other team lol. GG on both sides.
  10. Can someone link all the streamers and youtubers who will record this? and King of Crowns wants to know exactly when all this will take place. He has not yet received a PM.
  11. So I have about 530 hours in the game, can speak German without major hindrance, English is my primary language, I put up the idea for the tournament, with help from Olav, and managed it for about 2 weeks before my job got in the way, I have friends in all the nations, minus the Spanish, and most of the mods know me well. Also, I'm 20 years old, before I forget. And I moderate a few youtuber's twitch streams, Onnerby from Devil Dog Gamer is one of them, if that counts for anything. On EU 1
  12. Last time I was on TS, I talked to everyone, asked if they paid the deposit for the teams they wanted, Jack said "yea, I gave olav like 400k" and gave me some names so I put them on the thing. Talk with Jack. Or crowley. If I messed up the names or whatever, sorry about that. I'm sure Olav will fix it, but I gotta go to work in an hour so I'm off again.
  13. It's been like 2 weeks, with 11 hour shifts, so memory is fuzzy. But Jack said something along the lines of "yea, we got a team ready to go, we got me, Jolly and *who ever else I put down on the thing*". I'll delete your name from the thing then.
  14. yaaaaaaaaaaassss. TY devs. You guys are so much better than that other Eastern European company that rhymes with daijin.
  15. this one is outdated. Olav is the one running the show now because I'm too busy to continue doing this. IDK what system he has up right now, so check with him.
  16. derp. Then it's Jackcurse, Crowley, and Jollyroger. Unless Crowley goes AFK in between matches XD
  17. Crowley said he gave you 400k in vache. for ROYAL.
  18. you forgot the 5 mil that qw569 donated.
  19. ok guys, I am back from work. I get Monday, Tuesday and Friday off. Olav is doing a better job than I am with this, because I have no clue what I am doing. I can join in on the meeting, point in a few ideas and stuff here and there, but Olav has the final say. Also, as SteelSandwich has stated, this is a first time thing that we are doing in NA, so expect things to go wrong. And frankly, if things DIDN'T go wrong, I'd be suspicious because that means something is very wrong. Also, I am putting a 1 bottle bet on SLRN getting to at least 3rd place. I'd place more, but I gave all my money to the prize, so I am literally broke with 0 gold.
  20. hmm Ill find a RNG website that will pick random draft then. EDIT: http://imgur.com/HZAGWBt
  21. http://imgur.com/qr4NzU0 Will edit it when more teams join, but this is generally how it will go.
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