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  1. Well it was just my internet connection
  2. Hi everyone, I'm playing NA since the steam release and I heard that an other version of NA is playable. I would like to try it but it seems that a key or something is required for the access ?
  3. Thank you for your understanding mate, really appreciated it But yes the real problem is around the craft and missions. It would have been preferable to not change them roughly... Now occasional players and lonely players will not be encouraged to continue to play the game. In my opinion the best way to improve substantially the PvP system is to make something similar than war thunder (exp, global ship tree unlocking "blueprints" and perks/stuff to enhance ship per ship, auto mission searching according to the players level etc). The more fences you put (prices, mark points, ressources, personal advance restrictions...) the less PvP you will have :/
  4. Well I'm not going to beat around the bush, you clearly have destroyed the gameplay of NA since the last patch. What’s wrong dev’s ? We have been waiting for weeks for this wipe and other nice possible ingame improvements (like the new boarding animation system and other cool stuff ??) I have the feeling that the game is going worse patch after patch and this one is icing on the cake… You’re going on the wrong direction and this is not the best choice to increase the player database. You just severely decrease it ! Of course we are on an alpha stage period and I don’t say that those patches are entirely bad because there are good implementations like for example the new improved battle sounds, and others. In my opinion, there are 2 main things on this patch you should remove because of their restrictions, how do you want to encourage people to fight each other if it’s the reverse you are promoting ? - With the new crafting system it has become so difficult to build ships because of those mark points fence (especially RvR one), the blueprints learning and the resources are not enough ? ( I thought this patch was about to make them more challenging but not in that way) - The new mission system is now really fcked up and affect as well PvE player, you are restricted to first lieutenant ships level to make solo mission then you are forced to play fleet mission with other people to play above 6th rates ships impossible to do alone otherwise. Why removing the possibility to choose the mission of your choice with the ship of your choice ? Why removing the possibility to progress alone with the help of NPC ships in a fleet mission ? What about a patch letting players give them orders like for the personal fleet ? I see that I’m not alone complaining about that patch, had a chat with players on PvE and PvP servers, read the post you can find here and NA steam forum...
  5. I'm sure If you do this you will simply kill your alpha player database, make a poll Yes/No before...
  6. And another idea for a possible soundtrack release of the game perhaps you could create a menu theme per nation (like in cossacks 2 Napoleonic Wars) - Britain : - Austria :
  7. You have done a great work on it, just congratss the game will have more punch !! Do you plan to implement the other sounds language ? It would be nice to post another video of this to see how your work evolves Can't wait to test it when do you think this patch will be available
  8. Hello captains, I just want to be sure about something. According to the patch notes "In September (if stars align favorably) all ports will be reverted to neutral" wich means that all the national ports will be reset including the freetowns harbours ? I'm asking it because I'm not sure If I have to teleport all my ships in freetowns before the wipe or sell them if every ports of the map are concerned...
  9. I agree BUT every new people have to deal with it like I do and you as well (before/after). And the game is now available on steam, everyone have access to it so I think there is no reason for an asset wipe at launch "on purpose" of course. This is just my personal opinion...
  10. Hi captains, First of all, I would like to thank personaly the development team for all the work they have done on this great game, this is just brillant ! I don't know if there will be a final release reset concerning Naval Action in the next months. Devs have already said that only the experience will not be touched if it has to happen. So if our experience can be save, can you do this for all the ingame assets ? (Exceptional random modules unlocked by chance like the powder monkey and others, the highest blueprints which have taken months to be learned like the pavel, vic and santi...) So here is my question : If the servers have to get wiped at the end, can you simply transfer all the data in a temporary server during the procedure and finally transfer ("copy-paste") everything on the original servers once done ? Or anything else to save it ? Best regards !
  11. Hi and thank you for your fast answer my ingame nickname is SMS Blucher and my report number is NAS-322590. Greetings.
  12. Hi captains, Like some other people, I encountered yesterday this game crash while in a battle and I finaly lost 1 dura of my St. Pavel cause of this issue... So it seems that we have to send a ticket via the F11 bug report button. I don't know if I done it right, but yesterday I sent a crash report and explained everything in details via the game launcher "Report Crash" (we can also read on the top of that window "NavalActionBugReporter") so is my request valid or have I do to it again via the F11 specific button ? Greetings.
  13. Hello captains, I'm new on the forum so excuse by advance if I post thic topic on the wrong section The fact is I was playing like one hour ago on the PVP One EU server and as you know (for most of the people who encounter tht issue) the game server crashed. Unfortunately, It happened when I just entered an admiralty mission with my pavel (2 durability) then I lost my connection cause of this crash and when I came back (nearest port) I had only 1 durability So there is my question, are you doing something to give it back, cause its insane how can I lose a durability without any fight ?? This ship take me a lot of money and craft hours so I'm here to complain...
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