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  1. This whole discussion would be moot if the devs simply left the trader tool alone. We currently navigate by dead reckoning (triangulating off the distances listed to ports.) Or, if the trader tool MUST go away, add distances to the port finder. That way I can grab distance to 3 ports that I think may be the closest and do my triangulation. I think that checks all the boxes, especially if the distance to a port in the new port finder had a margin of error. I asked for the sextant perk, and it is better than losing the trader tool with no provision made for a navigational assist. But it still feels like a GPS, and is more than I asked for. Thank you devs for at least not leaving us without SOME way to navigate! But would you at least think about adding distances to the port finder, and eliminating the gps? Or leaving the trading tool as is?
  2. Preechur Blackheart

    Immersive Open World Navigation

    I am still foggy on '3 point visual fixing' -- if you are too far from shore to see anything but water, how does this work? For those of us who do not actually sail, help us out....
  3. Preechur Blackheart

    Immersive Open World Navigation

    You write, "A cross-bearing button is added to the map tools. Clicking this button will result in three ports being listed with their relative bearing. These values need not be exact (a random error of a degree or two will introduce a bit of realism) but the ports selected should preferrably be somewhat close and their azimut angles should be at least 30° apart." In real life, how would a captain know the relative bearings to three ports? The current trader tool gives DISTANCE to ports, which allows triangulation but is ahistorical. Magically knowing the relative bearing to a port would also be ahistorical, or am I missing something?
  4. I wish NA would use what it learned in the Legend variant and put in duel rooms into the NA game again. If you get sunk or captured in the duel, you should get your ship back. This would allow for bragging rights for the winner and for an easier path to learn the nuances of PvP....it would be great if you could arrange to meet someone specific in the duel room, or could choose to be matched against someone of a specific talent level....
  5. Preechur Blackheart

    Trading update patch - coming soon.

    In this particular wipe, will our existing assets (money and accumulated resources in our warehouses) be reset to zero?
  6. Preechur Blackheart

    Dynamic Open World PVP

    Thank you for your response. Being in social sciences, it is an interesting question to ask of a recreational player why he or she fights or doesn't fight. Please remember that recreational players are under no obligation to provide fights for elites. Some players do enjoy the fight, even if they lose. Other players enjoy the game without fighting!!! I do not think any player enjoys consistently losing. But if you an elite and you are sitting outside my port, you should have NO expectation that I (if I am a recreational player) should sally forth. It is a game. If I think I will have fun, I will sally forth. If I want to 'conserve resources' that is my right, End of story. There is a risk/reward calculation that a player makes before VOLUNTARILY entering a battle (many battles are not a player's choice, obviously, if one wants to sail or trade there is always the risk of a battle. It actually adds to the enjoyment of sailing when one successfully avoids a fight that one would have lost...) Some of the variables in the risk/reward calculation include: 1) Do I know the identity of the enemy player (from combat reports or intel from other players). If so, is the other player known to be elite? 2) What is my skill level? Is the other player equivalent in skill and equippage, or only slightly better than me? Or so much better than me that I would not stand a chance? 3) What is the value to me of the ship I would take into the battle? Is it a throwaway ship? A DLC? Does the ship I COULD risk have mods that I would find hard to replace? Especially now that shipbuilders seem to have stopped building 4th rates and above, could I even FIND a replacement ship to buy (assuming I could afford it?) 4) Do I have the TIME to commit to a battle? For many recreational players, there is this thing called "family aggro' which means that the wife or the kids may demand my time and they are more important than the game. So we cannot come charging out to a battle if we may be called away in 10-15 minutes. This was the reason I did not enter the battle that prompted this discussion, even though I had a Connie in Brunswick at the time... 5) Are there others who will enter the fray on my side? Will that be a fun experience (in the US, almost all the players are a blast to sail with - very supportive and cheerful)? Group battles require a much more complex calculation of risk/reward. I am sure other recreational players can come up with other reasons they may decline the chance to come out and fight. I know it is frustrating to sail looking for PvP and not find it. It might be productive to muse on how to incentivize lesser players to come forth. IMHO It would be AWESOME if we had duel rooms where we could fight without the loser losing a ship! Then, if called away, we could concede the battle without cost... Respectfully submitted...
  7. Preechur Blackheart

    Dynamic Open World PVP

    Let me speak a little truth to power: There are certain players (and clans) who are superior players. Elite in both player skill and modded ships. As a less skilled, and less well equipped player, getting into a fight with the elites is in anything close to an equal number of ships is a guaranteed loss. That may be fun for the elite, but not so much for the lesser skilled and/or modded player. So if Christendom or Wraith or Banished or any of a number of other elite players wander the US Coast, why would we charge out there for a fight that will pretty much guarantee us to lose our ships? This game has a serious issue with the PERCEIVED power of the modules and books. The Book of 5 Rings, for example, is out of reach for noobs and most lesser players. The elites have earned their gold, fully equipped ships. They have earned their reputations. They can have their fun by fighting other elites. Don't complain that recreational players prefer to conserve resources by not engaging an elite. Solution? Lessen module power,. Lessen Book power. Narrow the gap between the elite and the recreational player. Lessen the cost to replace ships so the recreational player doesn't fear losing a major investment in time and resources. Bring back duras so a recreational player can lose a ships several times before having to replace it. #noteliteandhonestaboutit #Istillenjoythegameanyway
  8. Preechur Blackheart

    Work in progress - UItimate Admiral: Age of Sail

    More info, please! Single player? Multiplayer? MMO? Vague idea of release date or even alpha access? Based on the art alone, I would buy it....and play it....a LOT!
  9. Preechur Blackheart


    We already have the contract system in each port. Unless you are suggesting a SERVER-WIDE auction house at which any player can bid on the same ship/mod etc, from ANY PORT, I do not see the advantage. With contracts, you can undercut another seller or overbid another buyer already. And as much as I would LOVE a server-wide auction house, it is about as far from 'historical' as you can get...
  10. I just want to say THANK YOU to the Devs for responding to the many many calls for a navigation aid that makes sense. We can debate how to better implement a historical navigation method, but at least there is to be a way (paid for by a perk) to have a navigation aid if you want a navigation aid. It is heartening to me that the devs are showing they listen and respond. I would prefer it to be more easily accessible (indeed historically every ship had some way of getting a position fix if they could see the sun or stars). I like the idea of every player being able to get a not-so-accurate position fix for free, and make the very accurate position fix a perk. If I had my DRUTHERS, I would still say keep the triangulation method through the trader tool alive. Or, if the trader tool goes, give relative distances on the port finder. Same result. Better gameplay, if less historical a method. Buy anyway, thank you Devs!
  11. Preechur Blackheart

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    The only way I can justify the hours spent every night is the fact that I always have another screen open on another device so I can multi-task...anyone else do that?
  12. Preechur Blackheart

    what a waste

    It actually refused to sink any farther than the film shows. A tug had to ram her repeatedly to get her to take her final dive.....
  13. Preechur Blackheart

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    TBH, I really don't want a noon fix. I want the continuation of the trader tool system of finding our position by triangulation. My point has always been that IRL captains had ways of navigating that did not rely on seeing a land mass and recognizing it. Navigation, should be enjoyable. Losing the Trader tool would be punitive. Here is an option: let the port finder be expanded to tell us how far we are from a particular port. Do that with 3 ports and you can triangulate roughly where you are on the open sea. Then you can do away with the trader tool. The gaming community will probably maintain a semicurrent list of items and prices at ports. That could even be fun content!
  14. Preechur Blackheart

    Open Letter to the Devs

    I play every day...since the last update (most of which I love, not even minding the doubloons) the game has become less and less enjoyable. 1) the AI population seems to have plummetted. 2) the HUMAN population seems to have plummetted. 3) at least for the US coast, there is not even much PvP action - where are the hunter-killers that used to taunt us and at least give some of our mid-range players cause to group up and go after them? The game seems squeeky clean now...but tired somehow 4) most of the major US veterans are playing other games while they wait for definitive work about wipes and release. If we are now looking at 6 months more before release, I doubt that the US core will come back. I am actually grieving...
  15. Preechur Blackheart

    Please post your major annoyances

    I If we want to maximize PvP, letting us use our 1/day teleport to include reps in the hold would mean we could 1) craft our own reps and bring them with us and 2) not limit us to buying reps at capitals, or even free ports.