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  1. Get rid of Loki. It's not fun to use Loki, and it's not fun to be Loki'd (it's more annoying than anything else). If I were a NEW PLAYER, I think I'd be pretty frustrated with it.
  2. Winning. And yes, that was a tragedy of the highest order.
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. I like the proposal for a "prize crew" perk, that would convert the capped trader to AI. I think that would add a lot to the game, from a variety of angles - and it's got a basis in history. But, you've raised a good point. So, maybe the following two additions: 1. The capped AI automatically goes to your closest OP. So, using the VC example, if your primary account is using Tumbado as a base, that's where your captured trader goes. Or, if you've actually sailed all the way to VC from Mortimer's, so be it - you invested the time in doing that. 2. Maybe limit the prize crew to what you have on your primary ship, and code in an additional restriction not allowing you to replenish crew at sea. Meaning, once you've gotten your primary ship down to a minimum crew, no more prize crews until you visit an open port and get more sailors. 3. Obviously, the time for your capped AI ship to reach port would be whatever it would take in the OW. Personally, I think something along these lines would be great.
  5. I like selling them for a ridiculous amount of money that I'm not willing to earn from AFK trading....
  6. Hehe, I learned that, and then got Loki'd while in the midst of boarding the elite ship. I won, but was down to something like 50 crew. With a USS against a belle poule or something. Never again!
  7. A couple suggestions: 1. Real-world shipwrecks To encourage active cruising of the OW in areas where other players are, increase bottle-drops in areas where other players have been sunk in battle (perhaps only PvP) for ## mins/hours after the battle. The bottle then drops to a wreck from the battle, and you get both the normal shipwreck reward, plus something that was on the actual ship (say, an activated book or upgrade). This would in essence be a variation of the fishing perk, couple with a logbook. That would encourage another use of the logbook, as well as require sailing in the OW in proximity to other players. It could be a book, and the ingredients for the book itself could be: 10xlogbooks (need to encourage accumulating something through playing the game), plus a carpentry/repair book, and the addition of something like a "navigation" book. To actually use the book, you'd have to have the book active, along with a logbook in use. 2. OW Book Changes Create a perk that allows changing of books while in the OW. I'd suggest this be a perk rather than something else - something along the lines of having a clerk or librarian on board your ship. I'd include a cooldown period on use of the perk. 3. Longboats With looted dubloons now being an important aspect of econ, why not introduce an "away boats" upgrade that allows a player to dispatch longboats to loot the enemy ship. This would cut down on a lot of frustration, add some realism along with some risk. I'd suggest something along the lines of the following. Each longboat temporarily costs you 20 crew. Number of longboats required is dependent on ship class (1 longboat for a 7th rate, 2 for a 6th rate, and so on). Longboats can't be launched if another enemy is within ### yards, and will be lost if an enemy later sails within that distance. Sailors assigned to longboats are lost for the rest of the battle. For materials, I'd say make it roughly equivalent to what building a cutter takes. I'd also make these an upgrade rather than a book, because in real life, each ship would require its own boats. I wouldn't bother trying to visually include the boats. Just a nod in that direction would be helpful, *especially* to those who grinding AI.
  8. Thanks for the gift, and Merry Christmas to you all.
  9. Like I said, I don't see a problem with the idea. Seasoned/aged/cured wood is a real thing. And, an earlier post was absolutely right - a significant portion of the wood set aside would end up warped or damaged. With that being said, isn't there a better mechanism for implementation? Why not have a simulated timer on the woods in your warehouse, where you can tag it for seasoning, and wait for a "real world" month (or whatever) before using it? Or a timer on a ship built out of it? What I'm saying is - anything to reduce the grind. Anything to reduce the potential that this elite upgrade is only for elite players/clans/nations. But...the idea is sound in theory and in history.
  10. I don't have a huge problem with the concept, at least in theory. It's well-known that some ships were purposefully built from green wood, in the name of building them fast, and knowing they wouldn't last as long. With that being said, does the implementation here add anything meaningful to the game? After all, it's not like there's anything particularly special to curing wood in real life - it's a matter of time more than anything else (look it up). If this is definitely a permanent addition, s there a better way to implement this? For instance, let's say there's a PB scheduled in 2 hours, and I want/need a big boat. As in the 18yh century, if I build that ship fast, it will probably have to be from green wood. So, instead of this additional building that seems difficult to obtain, why not tweak the idea a little. If I craft a ship for immediate use, it pops out as ordinary wood. But, if I click the box for "seasoned wood," maybe I have to wait 24 hours (or whatever time is deemed appropriate) to take possession? That way, there's a meaningful cost attached, just as in the 18th century, it will limit proliferation of seasoned ships (instant gratification being what it is), and you do away with a meaningless grind.
  11. Yep. That's the disadvantage. Just depends on how realistic you want the game to be - that might be pushing it too far.
  12. When I used to have Microsoft Flight Simulator, there was a downloadable program that would pull data from aviation weather stations across the world, and then plug that into the simulator. It included winds and precipitation. So, if it was windy and raining at Miami, you would land in wind and rain. If there were headwinds in the real world, you'd have a headwind in the simulator. Now something like that would be pretty cool in this game. Could be some drawbacks (storms can last for days without moving much), but still, I think that would be neat.
  13. I think most of the criticism is well-intended, from players with good intentions. Yes, there are some who don't mean well, but I do think most of us would like to see the game succeed.That's certainly true for me. This isn't your typical "shoot-em-up, with lasers" game. Instead, these are ships from centuries ago. That's a niche market, and I suspect most of us, along with the devs, have some kind of appreciation for history, tradition, the sea, etc. Maybe that's not true, but it is for me - and I don't think you make a game about warships from the 18th century unless you've got some kind of love for it. It's also worth remembering that there are a lot of different languages, and there are a lot of different cultural values. What might seem like constructive criticism to me might not be received the same way in, I don't know, Russia. Or, maybe my words aren't well-chosen, or any of a lot of other issues that pop up with different languages and cultures. Anyway, I do appreciate the effort the devs have put into this game. It's a game I enjoy. I certainly don't agree with every decision that has been made, but that doesn't mean I need to stomp my feet and be a jerk (and I've been tempted, that's for sure). So, yes, I believe a "thank you" is in order.
  14. Potentially dumb question - what the heck does "hello kittying" someone mean? Just to generally screw them over? I mean, everytime I see it written, I laugh, because it makes me think of a 3 year old's lunchbox. But I don't actually know what it means.
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