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  1. I have submitted a bug report for this already in game (F11) on 2/10/17. After winning a port battle if you have lost your ship, it is currently impossible to take your loot with you. I am fairly sure this is not the intention and am wondering if there is a workaround or a planned fix to this issue. It is extremely frustrating to put in the effort for a win then be robbed of your reward at the end.
  2. Before I begin laying out my thoughts on the ideas put forth in this thread, I am a dedicated PVP/RVR player on PVP1. Now my problems with these ideas: Part 1) -I don't mind doing away with the 5 levels of ships in favor of a different system. If you stick to a basic(not gray) and crafted quality ships, you are going to please more players. I would also stretch this to include upgrades(ie. 1 "quality" for NPC crafted and 1 for player crafted). Many people both long-time players and new players would be really put off by an elite group of people that would inevitably develop from special sh
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