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  1. More! All my paintings are now on Instagram
  2. Well, its been just over a year since i first picked up a paint brush and I'm still at it. Here's my latest: All my paintings are now on Instagram
  3. it means the written text in the game can be toggled to display in different languages.
  4. Like i said, there are many good ideas in this game whose implementation lacks finesse; thank you for listing some. We really shouldn't add more. And, no, all of the reasons i supplied are not immersion. As i said, if i'm a solo hunter or a trader out in the world minding my own business, there is no reason you should get a cheat to know approximately where i am.
  5. It's wrong on many levels: 1. Are you a wizard, Harry? Do you have access to spy satellites? That kind of direct information doesn't belong in an age of sail MMO. And before you ask, no i actually don't like that combat news is instantaneous; it was a good idea whose implementation lacks finesse, like most of the good ideas in this game. 2. What is appropriate for age of sail is news of big events being gossiped about and propagating over time. This is where the "combat news show on map for the last day" comes into play nicely, you should be able to here news that a big Indiaman
  6. I think it would be a good compromise if combat news for the day was somehow represented on the map, and gets reset each day at maintenance. So maybe there is a visual representation of the amount of deaths that happened near that region. It would not be an immediate "oh there's a person here" (which i feel is wrong). It would reflect information that is already available if you just logged in and watched the combat news all day. And it would immediately show which areas of the map are seeing action on a daily basis and naturally draw players there over time.
  7. insta tow would bother me if privateering was actually still viable in this game, but as I sailed from one end of the Antilles to the other and never saw another player (let alone spending most of the time in one reinforcement zone or another where i couldn't attack a player even if i saw them) its the least of my worries atm
  8. Bring back tow ships, don't bring back tow ships, it really doesn't matter; every time I log on to NA and sail around for an hour and I don't see any other players i can attack.
  9. This is my version of "HMS Seaflower" by Geoff Hunt, used for the cover of the novel Seaflower by Julian Sockwin.
  10. The HMS Phoenix and the HMS Rose engaged upon by fire ship.
  11. "Africa, the flagship, was dismasted and badly damaged that she retreated into a small bay 25 miles East of Havana to make repairs. Knowles with a lead part of his squadron Cornwall and Strafford headed Eastward on October 14 and soon discovered her and opened fire. The stranded crew cut Africa's cables set her on fire and ran on her on shore; an hour later further helped by British cannon fire she blew up." Battle of Havana, 1748
  12. This was a follow along from Byron Pickering's "The Protector" video.
  13. My first magic moments happened back when we didn't have a GPS on the map. 1) When you first sight land on your first deep sea voyage (ie traveling by dead reckoning out of sight of land and hoping you got it right!) 2) I got lost in a particularly bad storm around the southern Antilles; during the storm I ran into an island and the visibility was so low I decided it best to drop sails and ride out the storm next to it rather than blundering on and getting hopelessly lost.
  14. thx, google translate did a good enough job. i have the same general approach, but the key bit in there is that he paint with acrylics while i'm doing wet-on-wet oils. still there were some interesting bits I'll try to incorporate in my techniques.
  15. thx for the link, definitely will incorporate them into my learning.
  16. it does not cost marks to change the knowledge slots on your ships, you can change and adjust these at will. it does takes marks to reset your captain perks. permanent upgrades (like the figureheads) cannot be changed unless you destroy one. the number of marks dropped in battle are relational to the ship you defeat. so, for example, defeating a connie in pvp gave me 3 pvp marks. pve marks are similar. when training your ship knowledge slots, doing pvp kills have a multiplier over pve kills; i skilled up the first three slots on my surprise after 3-4 pvp kills if I recall right.
  17. almost filled up my attachments quota, so the end of sharing my paintings here is in sight
  18. yes, i didn't post them chronologically here, but some of my first ships had some critical problems. if you want to see them in order you'd need to look on reddit. i'll keep practicing
  19. i hope they enjoy it! i've watched plenty of bob, but never got the wife and kids into it.
  20. Oh my, I had missed these two when I made my first post. These are about a month old. Also, for those interested I've been posting everything to reddit, and you can see the complete history there (50+ paintings)
  21. Not selling any yet, just focusing on learning right now. cheers.
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