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  1. don't hold your breath ............................
  2. We have been around since the beginning but the constant wipes & development have fractured the fleet somewhat. Cheers .... o7
  3. Little things you'd like to see ....... How about you FIX all the little things that are broken & release this garbage so we can all move on from this debacle. IMHO you guys should go back to playing games & let the real talents create games - this is nothing short of a complete rip-off with it's poor coding & completely inept scale of constant reworks. You seem to take years to get simple coding done, what's the hold-up??? Of course the little fan boy army will scream at this but honestly who really cares about fanboys, they are already a burden on society with their moronic one-sided views. LMFAO Pathetic organizational skills with the barest minimum of interest to the player base, simply going through the motions & pocketing the cash. It has been done before & is very easy to spot but obviously your not worried about that are you? If you think this is harsh, send me an email with your complaint & I'll get you sorted real quick.
  4. lol September has passed, October is half way through ....... & the joke continues ....
  5. Royal East India Squadron [REIS] We are a small informal "beer n' Pretzels" style clan made primarily of Australians but open to all corners of the globe and in fact already comprised of at least one Italian (Australian Expat), two Belgians (inactive) and one British gentleman from Norfolk. We generally only have four or so players on at a time currently and sometimes as low as two. We play during AU +10gmt time zone on EU1. Usually around 9-10pm AU EST and some of us only come on at midnight. On a weekend we tend to come together a little better however any of us can be on at any time and we can have up to 7 at once. You can read more about us here - REIS - o7
  6. September patch .... LMFAO Maybe try setting your goals at achievable not fantasy. Maybe try fixing what has been overly complained about , them maybe add your latest fantasies. Really getting sick of waiting for simple fixes that never come because Mr Dev wants to try out something new - fix your failures first THEN introduce new ones you can fix. Everyone says the numbers are low because everyone is waiting for the next patch, i think they are low because people are getting fed up with waiting for known issues to be fixed only to have "new" content shoved down their throats. It is an intention to actually make money out of this venture isn't it?
  7. & those of us in other parts of the world would never be able to do so because of your timer - I don't think so.
  8. I love these events - I hate the mechanics. I hate the constant EU timezone - event in British territory but still at EU timezone. We were 2 grids away when it popped but all shipwrecks were empty by the time we got there - 256 chest ???? more like 26. So many nations sailing together seems wrong but it is great to see factions you might not otherwise see in normal play. Been to both events - empty both times - pointless exercise in regard to booty but still a great time to be had. We chased every pirate we saw & generally had a good time even though we got zip as usual. Unfortunately due to the timing of the event it is around 3.30 - 4.00 am when it finishes for us so we cannot properly play the event due to fatigue. Maybe one day the devs will think of other players around the world & offer an event they can properly participate in.
  9. Playing as a brit in the Australian time zone, both events have been at 2-2.30am for us - inconvenient for sure but then again it is an event. Last time I was sailing with so many nations, the game took on a very different feel that could really only be repeated by another event. Yes there is work to be done but it is still entertaining & hopefully it doesn't take too long for it to develop into something everyone can enjoy. Obviously this time ANYONE heading away from the event will be attacked due to the previous situation, so I think it will be a very busy time for all.
  10. I see this troll is having the time of his life ... really sad attitude young man. Perhaps you should pay more attention at school & learn what community means .....
  11. a total farce as usual - are you trying to make a game or just troll the faithful? so many bugs have been listed but you spend your time making up these farcical events instead of fixing the game. you constantly try & manipulate the players to what YOU want - how about listening to your testers first, fix the game & then play with your little toys after it has been released in a fully working fashion. the job you have chosen is to create a game for profit, you do not have control on how people play the game nor should you - do your job & we''ll do ours. you stretched the bottle locations because you thought it would encourage more pvp, you created this farce because you thought it would create more pvp, stick to the mechanics & let us fight our own battles. Yes you can get out the razor darby, I know you will edit this as we are not allowed to post anything negative about the devs are we ...............................................................................................
  12. The devs have stated that it is nothing to do with RoE so it must be an open world mechanic. Which makes it just as much of a mystery as it was before. Personally I agree with previous, it's just a counter button to see how many times we will push a button just because it's there .....
  13. I hit the pray button - it did a countdown - nothing happened - pretty accurate I think .... Why do we need to guess? Should this be in patch notes? At a bit of a loss as to why we get so little information on new additions considering we are testing the features. Bit hard to test something if we don't know what it does.
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