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  1. don't hold your breath ............................
  2. We have been around since the beginning but the constant wipes & development have fractured the fleet somewhat. Cheers .... o7
  3. Little things you'd like to see ....... How about you FIX all the little things that are broken & release this garbage so we can all move on from this debacle. IMHO you guys should go back to playing games & let the real talents create games - this is nothing short of a complete rip-off with it's poor coding & completely inept scale of constant reworks. You seem to take years to get simple coding done, what's the hold-up??? Of course the little fan boy army will scream at this but honestly who really cares about fanboys, they are already a burden on society with their m
  4. What he said ...... We also enjoy teaching newcomers the highs & lows of Naval Action - some like to explore & learn themselves, others enjoy the assistance offered. Whatever your style, look for us in the open world & say g'day.
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