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  1. I really like where this is going, however as I stated in my other post in the imported ships topic; I am not sure whether it is good for the economy if a clan can invest into a port and just get all the basic resources from there, people who do not want to haul those resources should not partake in the economy in the first place as that is what economy is. As to me this does not make a whole lot of sense, for example, in Caracas there is an Iron Mine, but no coal, how will investing make coal available, I cannot magically make coal spawn in the ground around Caracas... I would
  2. I believe it is as the @admin said; DLC ships are: 1. For players who do not have the time/wish to participate in the economy 2. Ships that are different from other vessels in the game (A variation or just the same ship with a different name) However, this does not take away that economy is indeed important for an MMO as we have so brightly discussed here, let me throw in my two cents here: The economy from 2016/ early 2017 was very enjoyable for me, it got better imho when ships went to 1 durability as this adds to the need to craft more ships. If we compare th
  3. Dear @admin and @Ink, Would it be possible for you to give us an update on these development plans? Also I am not sure where but I have heard something about a final release before the 20th of June 2019, whether this is true or not could we get an answer to that? Regarding the wipe, all I have to say is that it will make the game a lot better as everyone will theoretically be equal; eventhough this is not the correct topic I would like to suggest something: Would it be an idea to lock some of the Imported Ships for the first day or first 2 days of the official release? Even
  4. Looks good, but as @Hethwill the Harmless said, blue has my preference; a rising sun behind the NAVAL ACTION FLAGS text would be awesome though Cheers, AvR
  5. Which is exactly what the Indiaman in game was, only reason it is a 5th rate is because people could not get the slots on the ship, and the fact that it has too few guns. Cheers, AvR
  6. Here is what we are looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Abergavenny_(1795) An Indiaman that was also used as a fourth rate with 330ish crew as a 4th rate and 90 as an Indiaman, the guns match as well. Only thing is, we do not have the 4th rate version in the game, that would mean that we get double the guns (54 total), this particular example also had 2 bow chasers on her forecastle. So if it were up to me, I'd say keep this version we have now, and lower the caliber of guns to 9pdrs, and lower het crew to around 260; But also make her a refit as a 4th rate as she was mean
  7. @MassimoSud What's that?!? 2 Sunken Le Requins? And the best part; this was before they were nerfed... It only takes 1 broadside to sink one, put 6 leaks into it and it will sink almost immediately like any 6th rate. It's sailing profile just gives it the ability to sail really close to the wind but in a bigger ship than a lynx or privateer. It is NOT overpowered and if you cannot deal with it yourself I suggest you start practicing more... Only thing that I suggest as a change is to give it 24Pd Carros instead of 32Pd (Or stay historically accurate and only let it have 6Pd or 9Pd ca
  8. Let's be fair; almost every nation has already had a "council" where all the clan leaders and their 2nd in command or someone else would meet up and discuss several topics. It did not only not work because not all clans use the national TS it also angered a lot of players because they were excluded and not allowed to sometimes attend or participate in port battles and the likes. I do however, think a diplomacy system where EVERYONE ABOVE OR AT A CERTAIN RANK CAN VOTE ONCE could be beneficial to some nations and has the possibility to work.
  9. I can remember Hachi once saying this when raking an enemy player: "Don't you just love it when they reverse onto your balls?" I have never laughed so hard in my life...
  10. At the time I played with GB we only had trash players only clans that were actually doing some stuff were Gregory's, BCC, SLRN and 2 more I forgot about.
  11. Good afternoon everyone! I'd like to share my experiences on Le Requin with you from the past 3 days; We (Dutch nation) have encountered several players in Le Requins, sometimes to no avail of catching them but other times easily taken out by SoLs. A good example of this would be the following battle: In this battle we kept the Le Requin at bay and sank her from a great distance with the Bellona's Long Guns. I do not think the ship is overpowered at all as she sinks quite easily, however I think the ship does need some tuning in regards to sail damage as that is quite
  12. You brought too few players anyway? I mean Prussians had the number advantage
  13. Yes, and I still do; But it would be a great way to play it like that in this game as well
  14. Maybe an alternative idea would be to make it like an old game I used to play: If you successfully board an enemy (Which is already registered in chat) why not allow the boarding player to steal 10% (or any percentage) of gold from the player, this would make boarding more interesting as well as giving some additional rewards. Alongside this you could also lower the battle rewards to make boarding more important, as boarding and prize ships were the main source of income for privateers, pirates and naval officers. Just a suggestion as to what Admin said here but with a twist
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