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  1. Wacko WIlko


    Clan Roles Creator = Admiral Rear Admiral (can Remove/add Roles below) Diplo ( can Remove Roles below ) Officer Member's
  2. Wacko WIlko

    Little things you'd like to see

    Add trade option in open world would be really nice .. have traders carry supplies
  3. Wacko WIlko

    Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    because 1v1 boring ?
  4. i would love to see this we are testing after all .. Clan WARS please add since server is low pop
  5. time for a new server provider
  6. Wacko WIlko

    Patch monday - urgent.

    thanks for new content, looking forward to test this new patch =)
  7. Wacko WIlko

    [PvP GLOBAL] George Town is about to explodeā€¦!!!

    Good fight. Thanks for showing up pirates Looking forward to the next patch