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  1. Huuuuu are we talking about the same players? Because tag with basic cutter a fleet of french santissima seem to be your way to play.
  2. French army preparing the invasion of jamaic from haiti. See you my dear english.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/luxa3t3rna/v/74632191 At 09:08
  4. They just understood our message of peace and tolerance. let us take haiti. Thank you to you for your dear English clairvoyance.
  5. Message of the french when we attack you: French custom, please clear your hold.
  6. Jacmel, Saint Louis, Sale trou, Les cayes, Bani, Azua. Well i see the message wase enderstood by the brit's. Thank for your blood.
  7. maybe at 10vs1 yes we run away, even at 3 or 4 vs 10. yes! we are not crazy.
  8. You will have the choice... personnaly this adventure, i don't want to be forced to have one. PVP and RVR is so much passionating activity.
  9. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/260462446243146653/7DAB890BA14CE34CE0B3012D5E214E28B3E37A7A/ Hello It's a good begining.
  10. In the Name of the French empire and the French Emperor our Famous Napoleon 1er that message is his words: To celebrate the arrival of the French liberation army in Haiti we want to send a message to the king of Angletterre: Go home in peace !! We have seen enough blood flow into our ranks and those of our enemies.
  11. Hope to see You on open PVP or in NTW3 need a big correction.
  12. I know It, But you are retarded on victory time. We, French will show you how to preserve honnor during winning time.
  13. Kaïr an Horail are here to listen you. They don't agree on anythings and they are not there to approve or disaproove what you say. BTW At the time where we are at Castries yes you don't want a separate white peace. Again, don't re-whrote history, thanks. edit: Thanks for your surprise gold.
  14. i'm a memer of french concil so i can say to you that what information i have and what we know. Thos information i have every french officier have this information. It's very clear you don't want a separate peace. And yes we don't respond to your humilited peace treaty.
  15. Well, Not really the term of the french reddition wase next: Be allied of british and fight the pirate with you AND loose guadeloupe for sweden AND lost all port in south of Carriacou. It's what i calla a "white peace". At the time, if you say to US: Stop the war with white peace and do what you want with the british on the island of haiti and let the danish alone we will accept this proposal but you don't do that you want to humiliate us... The only result wase a rienferocement of our strenght and cohesion. Thank you guy french faction become stronger each day.
  16. Grogs still drunk^^ We miss you at Waterloo on last june.
  17. A french in British faction must be very rare. And british in french faction to ^^. (british is not a english speaker).
  18. France empire will provide ship for the papal troops and juge.
  19. The problem is the next: We will never be the allied of the Brit's..... I prefere to re-rol pirate to play side by side with the perfide albion. And in french concil i can assure you that 99.9% want war untill end of the world against the british. France as an encestral enemy: british. We play RP we fight RP. We prefere to be ally or neutral of the pirate than help the british or be in peace with them. And it's continue outside of the game:
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