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  1. so how many time before brit and usa back stab us? that the only thing I'm waiting and expecting
  2. kill the group doing hostility is not possible it just like hunting dust
  3. is that ok that a nation that outnumber 2 to 1 is able to attack 2 port at same time so we get outnumber and rolled over?
  4. so basically if you not usa or Britain we must eat shit and get rolled having to fight out number 3 to 1 and get rolled to one port
  5. why the dev favors over populated nation by allowing them to attack 2 port at the same time allowing them to have a ratio of 2 on1 that game play only make sure all small nation get destroyed by let say usa and brit attacking them at same time
  6. way to long to grind whit this system
  7. solution to fps issue is to use some type of 2d graphic for the crew I think to infantry model in Scourge of War
  8. victim? i got out alive , but it made me notice how broken stern rake is wen all you need is a surprise that turn quick to win again bigger ship but agreed on sail yard part totally , but it will basically stop the ship if the sail yards was turning at realistic speed and turning at full ruder even on modern frigate it will slow the ship a lot if you keep going left and right at full rudder you basically lose half the speed if not more
  9. stern rake is over powered all ship try to do now is stern rake in real life there no way a ship like a surprise be turning full ruder left and right and not getting slow down to the point of basically stopping , so solution remove over powered stern rake or make ship realistic in the sailing ( at least slow down a lot if they keep turning non stop at full rudder so it not possible to stern rake repetitively like in real life )
  10. 29 June server disconnected many ppl more than once today , lost a santy in pve mission exceptional live oaks built strength ,stiffness , 5/3 slot , upgrade lost exceptional extra planking , exceptional reinforced mast , master craft improved magazine , exceptional rum ration , exceptional tool box ,exceptional pewel sight exceptional extra pump , blue powder monkey , i like to get back my ship and upgrade i lost to this issue back plz in games names jppsx usa pvp2
  11. well happy to see my names in here but try to spell it right , you usa don't care to be 2vs 1 in average and attack new player around jamica so why should I care to do the same
  12. 8 leak is a lot if your merc is the size of a bathtub , if the hole where 30cm in diameter yea less than 1 mint it will sink , but not whit 6in sized hole , just think how many time it will take to fill your swimming pool whit water whit hole that size
  13. just lost a merc exceptional life oaks , whit extra planking from just 8 leak and it sunk under 1 mint was going to win if it was from that leak need to turned back to what it was before last patch.
  14. ship of the line are fine whit this new armor , finally a games that don't have battleship made of paper
  15. love the new armor , make the games much more realistic and fun , this games is not world of paper ship player just need to adapt and fight closer
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