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  1. admiralellis

    What happend to Trafalgars?

    Yeah but then youll have to be online for 2 hours to get info PB. And if your outside, youre lucky if you get a fair match. Not everyone can stay online for so long
  2. admiralellis

    What happend to Trafalgars?

    Why not add a weekly Trafalgar to the game? That was accually a fun part of the game
  3. admiralellis

    Make game quicker

    Suggestion: OW tralvel should ne faster aswell as battles: lower HP amount/increase gun damage. Making it faster will attract lots of players that are interested in action, istead of too much realism. Thoughts?
  4. admiralellis

    Start making some ACTION

    yes, thats why alot of people have left the game, they dont have any goals other than action. Ships are the weapons, and they should have something interesting to shoot at.
  5. admiralellis

    Start making some ACTION

    So, to make this short: the map or Open World is just to big imo! We are around 500 players, and to make it more intense, you should shrink the map, focusing more on the Carribean Islands, not mexico etc. Other problems are that this game is just too slow in order to reach out to a wide group of players. My advise is to focus more on gameplay to make it fun, more intense and interesting, instead of making a simulator that takes all day and is sloww. I know Legends are for the quick players, but that is too much alike WOWS and not really fun, as we want battles that matter. So to make my opinion clear: start focusing on content and make the game more interesting to play! Cause this game has a lot of potential and graphics are amazing. Ellie
  6. admiralellis

    make Naval Action more alive?

    Right now i think this game is pretty dead, and i understand that its still in early development. Just as an suggestion: look at for instance World of Warships, the sound and effects in that game is in my opinion amazing. I would have liked to see this in Naval Action as well. For instance you can add an advicer, giving advices(like in the Total war series) for beginners, and add a person in the background giving information like in other games. For example: "enemy 3rd rate sunk!" or "sails spotted to the west(Open World). Adding voices like this would make the game much more alive and easier and more fun for beginners as well. Talking about beginners: maybe its an idea if they enter a combat when they start the game the first time, where an advisor(talking and text) shows the combat system and cotrol of the ship. This combat should be ENTERTAINING for them, like a big battle with burning ships and explotion, showing the best sides of the game and give them a good first impression( here they should sail a Frigate or something, as the 7th rates is not as entertaining for beginners). So my suggestion is: make the game more alive by adding more sound effects and voices helping you and giving you advices.