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  1. As always there are undesirables in the community, I can say that the ratio of idiots to pop is far less on PvP1.
  2. One of the main reasons (I presume) is there are no volunteers from PvP2 to be mods, maybe if you were to message one of the devs they might make you a mod.
  3. It was said in PvP1 global chat, so unless someone took a screenshot, it will be hard to find.
  4. What would this solve? PvP2 would be left with even less population and a more insecure playerbase.
  5. funny you should mention this, Ink, or some other admin said that they may implement a system where people can pull over their things from Pvp2 on to PvP1, however it only works one way.
  6. Bad idea, you would end up with a system like ARMA, people just combat logging and switching to other servers with all their gear.
  7. honestly, just join a clan that has a decent following and they will teach you all these things, if you want to be a lone wolf, join there clan and once you have learned whatever, leave them, if that is what you wish.
  8. A long time ago in a universe far far away, there were two nations battling it out, havin' fun (with the occasional banter) and enjoying the game. However the big bad Someone? came along and made it into a Three nation server, then four... WHATTT??. It has been a very long time since I have even bothered to look at this server. I think the last time I was on I sold vics,pav's and all manner of ships for the price you would pay for a chinese tooth. One of the main problems with this server is the lack of PvP. people say that the like the low pop? I say go to the PvE server, that's what
  9. Although I do think PvP2 will be important upon release, I do think that as of now PvP2 is of much importance due to the low pop. Latency does not matter, with a ping close to 400ms I can still board in PvP and win, as it has been said a thousand times by devs,moderators and users like myself, this is not a ping based game, it will slightly affect your boarding game but is quite easy to get over. As for the "Rumor" I think it is genuine many people "from the US and Asia" would have started on that server, they may have moved for whatever reason and they still have ships and money there, al
  10. it worked, thanks ink
  11. Hi there, so I'm getting this error when I try to connect to the server(SteamAPI_init() failed.), don't know why it's coming up (something to do with steams API?) anyway, help is appreciated, can't get into the game otherwise.
  12. my dislike of the server and the few people that participate in it, USA may have driven players to pirates, but they also did a good job of driving people to other servers. and as much as I would love to join in, it's far more interesting fighting people who are polite and show good sportsmanship.
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