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  1. Cabral

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    And they were streaming this? Shame on you 😛
  2. Cabral

    Encore une suggestion de développement

    So you know how to speak english... it's the usual french stubbornness.
  3. Cabral

    Helping friendlies from the inside?

    It's not the first time a FENIX member pulls that stunt. For those kind of atitudes and basic cutters griefing I avoid Patrol Zones.
  4. Cabral

    Radio Macuto

    Hornblower is just squirting venom in this topic, but won't work Hornblower está apenas a escupir veneno en este topico, pero no resulta
  5. Cabral

    Radio Macuto

    Roleplay dumbass, now just want to sink brits so your arrogance don't spread to others Rolplay, ahora sólo quiero hundir a los ingleses e impedir que se extiendan su arrogancia a los demás.
  6. Cabral

    Radio Macuto

    Y cómo explicas que hundo los ingleses todos los días al servicio de la corona española? Alucard es testigo de mi esfuerzo contra nuestros enemigos, puedes preguntarle.
  7. Cabral

    Radio Macuto

    Depreciar? Era todo roleplay, no tengo nada contra nuestros hermanos.
  8. Cabral

    Defeat of bad weather using homecam

    Great underwater screenshots? Yes, increases gameplayability for you and other players that take advantage over others that don't know the featture.
  9. Cabral

    Defeat of bad weather using homecam

    That's not the point, NA storms should work like the clouds in War Thunder plane battles, to foil the enemy (they can lose track of you in the clouds, and should be the same in this game with the storm fog). This exploit denies any safeguard to a trader or warship to travel in the fog unnoticed. HMS Surprise used the fog to escape from the Acheron surprise attack.
  10. I agree with you when you say that NA lost some of sandbox elements, but don't agree that traders have no chance against raiders. A trader lynx or trader cutter can run from any square sail ship in the game, just need to use the right wind angle, even with full hold. And a smart trader always plan the route and time of day to make the journey, that's how trader players outsmart interceptores and gives enjoyment in the end.
  11. Cabral

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Because you lost something in the process. Just wanna see what rate you will give in the next full wipe 😄
  12. Cabral

    Rethinking ship DLCs

    You want one? Pay for them like the others did. So you want a captured hercules bought by others money? I understood well?
  13. Cabral

    Hotfix for live servers

    Never patch on friday, can ruin your weekend 😄
  14. Cabral

    Snow BR

    I'm not talking about br, I'm talking about a player with a snow can win against a player with a bellona. Shouldn't happen too often, it's weird
  15. Cabral

    Snow BR

    Is one of the arcadish aspects of this game, snow can attack with sucess ships with 2 or 3 ranks above her. I's like a mouse punches a elephant in the eye and he drops down unconscious.
  16. Cabral

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Maybe someone should hire HAVOC to protect the pirates from you?
  17. Ironically, in the nation to choose panel, says Britain is easy.
  18. Cabral

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Always complaining, what you want the devs to do? Shut the server down when you want to sleep?
  19. Cabral

    predator of the requin needed

    I can't believe Licinio is not responding to this topic 😄
  20. Cabral

    Flags Flags Flags

    Pirates will have different flags also?
  21. Cabral


    Yo creo que ellos no les importa, debéis parar de importunar.
  22. Cabral

    Economy rework needed

    This is one of the reasons why people don't leave safezones.
  23. Cabral

    Flags Flags Flags

    Names in red above ships are the enemy, no need for same flag for all. Various flags in same battle will be more immersive to watch.
  24. Cabral

    I've edited this so it makes no sense anymore

    Two qualities that Hachiroku doesn't possess. He may know well the game mechanics but doesn't know how to deal with people impartially.