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  1. Cabral

    blame prussia

  2. They had, the problem was in storms or cloudy days, they couldn't see the sun or stars to make calculations. If you had a week of bad weather you could lose track of your position.
  3. Cabral

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    In RL and before the introduction of these "books" in the game, bellona never did 14 knts... but now we have these phenomenons. What can we do? We must adapt to what they deliver us
  4. Cabral

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    In 2016/2017 you didn't had the "books" the game have now. It makes a huge difference.
  5. Cabral

    Include Ranks, Ships And Nations In Combat News

    Only shame the attacker, if it's a bellona vs endymion for example?
  6. Cabral

    Good job killing off solo players.

    I still think the giant circle ( who's inside circle tag is pulled to battle, who's out stay out) was best option to get things better in this aspect.
  7. Cabral

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Banished is united with you for some time now, his lips on your behind. I wish I had fans like you have. Congrats for the port battle 😄
  8. Cabral

    Just some overhaul ideas for PVE

    They don't know what they miss.
  9. José Saramago esta viejo y ya no sabe lo que dice 😄
  10. O Jorge e o Alucard que me desculpem, mas este também existe: "De Espanha, nem bom vento, nem bom casamento." 😄
  11. "À boca da barra se perde o navio."
  12. "A água onde um navio navega é a mesma água que o afunda."
  13. The game is like Alfred The Great, sick and dying for months but will fight until the end.