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  1. That's a new phenomen that's happening from some months to now and it's spreading. Same people with clan in Russia then their alts with clan in Spain, now we also have french players playing in both France and Russia. And they control the most important ports in both nations, it's plain stupid but is how it works on the game we have today.
  2. Don't blame the game, toxic people that exploit the game gaps are the ones that create toxic enviroment.
  3. And your trash talking still continues, no wonder people find you as hypocrit.
  4. If you think a duel in game will change what I and others think about you, you are very mistaken. I would never waste my time ingame with you. You want to gain some respect? Change your attitude.
  5. Devs already said that we will keep books knowledge, and that is already very good. Some people are angry because they have 10 or more accounts to grind again, and now come with threats of sabotaging the game and give negative reviews. To those with 10 accounts, shame on you.
  6. At night will be difficult to see at long distance.
  7. Only shame the attacker, if it's a bellona vs endymion for example?
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