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  1. You should atleast be more discret with your alt Cicero, not good taste to show your enemy nation chat here.
  2. There was only 2 choices, make Connie the strongest of tier 4 or the weakest of tier 3. You are a Connie fan, you prefer her on tier 4.
  3. Is not that easy, in these days, Steam reviews have big impact.
  4. You guys are not using the right trade routes. Look at route between Bermudas and San Juan, observe those ports profits. And you don't need to make that travel, just hunt their traders half way.
  5. Was made for you to travel more in OW... but you are lazy.
  6. If you call that to a certain prussian player, you go to Tribunal 😄
  7. Captured, Moscalb was in chains in KPR main square before escaping into island interior and take a ship on the north side of Jamaica.
  8. Moscalb weakness is boarding, he just sucks at that 😋
  9. That was a bad deal, you should keep his ship for yourself (if you saw the modules on her and poods, plus the Paint) or sell it for 1M reals.
  10. That's a new phenomen that's happening from some months to now and it's spreading. Same people with clan in Russia then their alts with clan in Spain, now we also have french players playing in both France and Russia. And they control the most important ports in both nations, it's plain stupid but is how it works on the game we have today.
  11. But you are not understanding one thing, will be equal for all but wont increase the number of players (what we need most). New players will come but many old players will quit, it's hard to repeat another year of grinding to find the books again.
  12. After release some new players will try the game, play for a week then leave, this game is not for all tastes. Why the veteran testers have to lose everything for that?
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