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  1. I just thougth of some Features how you could decide who wins and lose.. Implement some "SuddenDeath" mechanics a few Minutes befor the Timer ends: - All ships Start Sinking (yeah out of nowhere) --> you need a good Pump and enough Crew to survive longer than your Enemys - A Giant Wave Approach from a Random Direction and crush every Ship it Hits (Monsterwave with ~15-30m high) --> you could run for your live to win (well the Wave is realy fast!) - A Storm apperas and all remaining Ships will get hit by Thunderlightning and Burn to death (Start Fire with a Fireshock and so high that Structure is eaten away) or some closing Circles as recommended. But if this is too Futuristic, then just decide the Winner by count the Remaining Crew/ Cannons/ Total Dammage dealt to Hull/ BR or somthing.
  2. Modru

    Officer perks - heavy moderation!

    Modru PvP1 1. mocking Lieutenant - When u hit a Ship with 95% of your Broadside (Hull penetration!) u can activate the Leutnant . This causes the bullying Opposing crew and leading to a increased Reloadtime, decreased Crew Transfer and gives also a little drop in Morale for a short amount of time (like 5-10 sek?) and ur Crew will gain also this efeckts in revears action (decreased Reloadtime, faster Crew Transfer and a short boost in Moral).