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  1. I love the investment in realism represented by the new patch but it is simply a step too far. Not only has it ruined the underdog spirit of previous battles (in which two mercuries could take down a santi and did) but it has made already long battles hugely longer and has made it nigh on impossible to actually be sunk (as already proven by the Jeremie PB). I like the mechanic, i think its really well made and would love to have it in the game but if theres a way of lessening its...intensity...that would be great. I'm glad the devs spotted the problem and I urge them to fix it as soon as possible. For a game thats losing new player intake, the last thing you want to do is make the high levels even more stronk.
  2. This is just a query since I struggled to find an answer elsewhere online. Does crafting a higher quality of ship (i.e Exceptional instead of basic) increase the chance of you getting a BP to drop, or is that chance fixed?
  3. The ships that are currently in the game are beautifully rendered and the produce of some great graphic design, and if you've ever fiddled around with the camera on the OW then you will have noticed that the inside of the ship is as equally well made as the outside. However, in battles, the camera is limited to the outside of the ship. I propose, with the introduction of advanced marine animations (at some point within the next eon) they should implement a way to have camera angles from inside the ship. Just imagine watching a broadside fire from the inside of a ship, to see crew scrambling around as a broadside hits etc. Any suggestions more than welcome!
  4. Given the introduction of the new indiaman I thought it might be a good idea to get some randomly routed and rare AI treasure fleets. About 5 Indiamen escorted by SoLs? It would give something for the new pirate not-a-nation to do. Any suggestions on mechanics would be more than welcome, but its just an idea that would improve PVE imo.
  5. Hi all, I was just wondering if the devs have any concrete roadmap or are just playing it by ear according to forum suggestions, since it would be interesting to hear of any long term goals they have. Their quick response to forum suggestions is admirable and gives players real influence in the future of the game but I was wondering if they had certain features they would definitely want to implement before release (speaking of release, anyone know when that will be?). Personally I'm interested in the re-implementation of properly large storms in battle, and the introduction of complex crew animations so if anyone has any information on that it would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Now we all know that different ship trims give different unique bonuses and that those bonuses change in strength depending on ship quality. However, I have been unable to find any numerical values for what these are. For example: Build strength improves armour hit points but by how much? Also, do bonuses stack? So if I have a live oak ship with build strength and extra planking what order do they stack in? If anyone knows the answers to these questions or can point me to a link that has the information I'd be very grateful. Cheers!
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