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  1. The think is.that the above was a combat between two ships of the line, fighting in a period fashion. But this is a game and if the designers wish to bring in period firing mechanisms then they should also inforce period combat tactical use of ships.to have ships of the line sailing around like speed boats with armour as strong as the Bismarck and set up for boarding is going to destroy the game in the end.however limiting ships of the line to fleet actions and the number of boarding set ups available would allow for a better more balanced game.
  2. Well after being in combat with a pavel and watching as my 32 pounders did nothing at all in a mast to mast firefight was just silly.at the same time the pavel having already seen 4 other connis turn and run just rammed and broaded me.ok he had a larger ship, more crew etc.but 5 connis all firing at close range did nothing to this super ship.to my mind the way the game is set up at the moment having anything else then a speed and boarding set up pavel is a waste of time. I think that the designer's have forgotten that in the age of sailing warfare ships of the line could and did not act independent. Maybe the boarding aspect of the game needs looking at.marines etc never made up 50 percent of the any crew, their job after all was the protection of the ships officers from the crew and the protection of the ships stores etc.in fact the largest ships used for single missions at the time were frigates, they had the speed.please remove these superships or limit their use to their real purpose, which was major fleet actions.
  3. I am sure that the book.the naval war of 1812.deals with the constitution and her fire fights.
  4. Nelson was never a powder monkey.this was a crew position held by ships boys from the lower classes. The power monkeys had to get power from the magizine and bring to the gun crews.the powder was placed in little sack bags before the battle started and was carried in the powder monkeys wooden container to the gun.nelson was the son of a gentleman and when to sea on his uncles warship he held the rank of midshipmen the lowest officers rank in the royal naval.
  5. In the age of nelson, very few people could read and write.yes blueprints did get made but the craftsman used models as a guide and a large number of these models can be seen in naval museums here in england.
  6. Hi harry, what port are you based at. If its near KPR I eould like to join group. Pw
  7. Hi all.i am looking for players based in the uk time zone around kpr. At the moment I am a master and commander. I am hoping for players to join fleet actions with or player v players etc.gamers who play during the evening uk time would be nice to hook up.thanks PW
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