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  1. I started typing some really patronising BS but managed to stop myself however please reread what LC said and your response to it. BR based ROE would be awful a single Frigate CURRENTLY has the advantage over a single SOL period, if's and maybes don't trump facts.
  2. Lies damn lies and statistics (however said that anyway?) Players like me may be part of what you are percieving as a problem, I have 2136 hours ingame on my main account during this time I have very rarely actively looked for PVP but I still want to play on the War server are you actually factoring in players like me? Or people that like to trade? I have 803 hours on my alt account (Creme Anglaise) and I have never looked for PVP with this account because it's for trading/crafting. Or new players that take one look at combat news and the fact that they can be jumped (I deliberately did not use the g word) right outside their capital port then think I need to get some ship knowledge slots unlocked, some upgrades and a better ship before I go looking for PVP? Current ROE is not perfect but it's not horrible either please please please make minor changes and let the guys test them, drastic changes make players give up.
  3. Custard

    Clan Docks

    In bold 👍 perfect
  4. Custard

    Stern rakes and fire Sails

    I suggested that in the past and was shot down by one of the local experts First rates did sail alone regularly and I am not even sure a 3rd rate would have failed to sink 3 frigates
  5. Custard

    Death to the non-believers

    Naval gazing? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Custard

    Cargo Hold Size

    Thanks for that excellent tip doesn't fix the problem though does it? Sarcasm intended. If you are not aware of the BUG and fill your ships in port it doesn't let you leave this causes help requests in game chat regularly and needs to be fixed. @OP couldn't agree more
  7. Custard

    Cargo Hold Size

    Can we please have a fix to the perk that increases cargo capacity because it lies to any fleet ships and will not let you leave port
  8. Custard

    Port Quests

    Hated it to start with but it has grown on me but I am not new I still believe for a new player it is way too difficult to find low level battles that are doable
  9. Those fleets exist mate Take a mission to Hunt 5th rates and it tells you were best to find them
  10. Excellent suggestions 👍
  11. Custard

    Little things you'd like to see

    We are going to have to agree to disagree then 😎
  12. Custard

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Do what I want, or I will not play is a sign of weakness
  13. Custard

    Little things you'd like to see

    I could not possibly disagree more, I would give the clans more control particularly over ports that they captured