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  1. Okay, you want to improve RvR and PvP interaction. Thats fine, thats great. You can't do that however by blocking out content. First rates were already extremely expensive ships, especially when fitted with NECESSARY port battle upgrades. Making them extremely hard to get won't improve RvR, it will significantly reduce its frequency. The Top three nations will dominate, and the rest will barely be able to defend themselves against attack. This last patch was a step in the right direction, at least the Vic marks are a more reasonable price now. However thats not the main problem, the main problem is how Vic marks are distributed and awarded. This system needs fixing or RvR is going to be dead.
  2. Can't log in, or rather I can log in, but there are no servers listed. http://naval-action.arcantia.net/server-status.php is reporting the EU server as down at the moment, and Global running, but I can't see the global shard either. What's going on and why?
  3. I agree with all that you said, but still feel that the system could be improved to include ALL ships of the line, instead of just 1st rates in Regional Capitals and 4th Rates in the rest of the Deep Water Ports. My proposal is actually simple: Split Deep Water Ports into further categories, so my proposal would look like this: 1. Shallow Water Ports: As suggested by admin Up To Brig 2. Deep Water Medium Draft: As suggested by admin, up to 4th Rate ships can dock and fight PB 3. Deep Water Deep Draft: Up to 2nd or 3rd Rates. (This could be further split up but these two types fight well together so would probably be used together) 4. Regional Capitals: As suggested by admin all ships, up to 1st rate can dock and fight PB I would even add the different depths to the (as it is now with the shallows water ports) to the bays of the different ports and mark them as such on the map, so that it adds another layer of strategy to the map. And so that the different ships cant physically even approach the bay's of the shallower ports. I don't know how difficult it would be to code all this, but it can't be that hard as you already have shallow water ports and seas. Thank you.
  4. I registered an account just so I could reply to this topic. With about 140hours in Naval Action so far Im not the most experienced player of the game. But I do have some experience with games and MMOs in general. I had to comment, I simply had to because the proposed changes are terrible. Let me explain. We already have problems with large 25 ship 1st rate fleets, this patch will not change that. In fact it might even aggravate it. With less ports to capture and defend (regional capitals) the Santisima fleets will experience much, much less attrition. Now that AI captures are impossible at least the national and clan crafters need to work day and night to supply these 1st rates. With less attrition rates, the Santissimas will become even more common and prevalent in the game and everyone will sail one, people will even bring them out to PvE (happening already). As it is now, at least 2nd and 3rd rates can fill in the missing Santissima slots, and with less organized defenders they frequently do (for example during the recent Port Morant defenses against Xhemko). So every single (and future) 2nd and 3rd ship of the line will be delegated a PvE role primarily. This can not be good for a game that prides itself on its PvP. A secondary problem is that Constitutions and Ingermenlands will become the mid tier Santissimas. These ships already fill a pretty robust role, 4th and 5th rates already do great in wolf packs, gank squads, whatever you want to call them. Now they will become the big ships for 3/4 of the map, and you will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd rates screening for them. This is not only completely a-historical its also hilarious. The balance of the game will be tilted on its head. Please do not impose such artificial limits. Or at least not in this way. Thank you.
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