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  1. There was an update when the Server came up this morning. Any word on what is in it?
  2. Fasti's proposal makes a great deal of sense as a relatively simple skeleton for the game. I think of a large stadium athletic contest. Around the perimeter lie the surrounding commercial venues and concessions, making, buying and selling. Relatively safe, but exercise care on the highway or train coming in and out, and keep your kids and wallets close. In the clearly marked center, the uniformed, armored athletes battering each other for glory and valuable prizes, from time to time sending a battered team back to the sidelines for a patch up or a "happy dance." ~ HK ~
  3. A 2011 Economist story about the East India Company describes its mark on the world of trade, commerce and warfare. One theory is that the Modern World began, not with the discovery of America, not with the invention of the printing press, but: "... there is a strong case to be made for a less conventional answer: the modern world began on a freezing New Year's Eve, in 1600, when Elizabeth I granted a company of 218 merchants a monopoly of trade to the east of the Cape of Good Hope." "The East India Company controlled a standing army of some 200,000 men, more than most European states. ... The British government did not own shares in the Company (though prominent courtiers and politicians certainly did)." "The Company" essentially ran Bengal and kept it pacified for the English Empire, until an economic collapse and famine required a government bailout. More at: http://www.economist.com/node/21541753 Of course, the true Indiamen sailed by The Company were not immune from attack by pirates, hostile nations (and their own licensed trading companies, such as he Dutch East India Company) and even the ships, men and spies of rival trading companies. In the Second Anglo-Dutch War(1665-1667), So, yes, there are historical foundations for rivalry, even outright naval and land battles between nationally chartered trading companies or their proxies.
  4. @admin We have 24 pages of back-and-forth about a set of proposals that have been completely changed, making the majority of those 24 pages obsolete, as well as too long for any reasonable person to read with comprehension. Would it be helpful to restart a new thread with a SUBSTITUTE proposal that includes ONLY the current version with all overnight edits merged in?
  5. Also, EVE, which had full release several years ago, presently has over 2,000 average players, but falling atm. http://steamcharts.com/app/8500 Alpha (Pre-Release) status Naval Action has recent average under 700. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#1y So, EVE must be doing something right.
  6. The proposals are confusing and complicated, but they seem to have echoes of the actual Chartered Trading Companies of the 17th and 18th century. They had their own private armies, navies, and bought and paid for government officials, even in nominally democratic republics like England. They fought not over national pride, or nominal ownership of ports, but over something far more important to them. "Who controls the trade and the gold?" After all, that is the basis of The Golden Rule, "He who controls the Gold, Rules." See, e.g. https://www.britannica.com/topic/East-India-Company and also https://www.britannica.com/topic/Dutch-East-India-Company(edited)
  7. What happens IF one nation "Wins" the map? Is there then a new wipe and restart? What does the "Winner" win?
  8. Ink, thank you. What is the access code for the Testbed again, please? ~ Hardy ~
  9. And yet, almost exactly half of those voting so far say "It is not a problem .... " ~ HK ~
  10. I don't understand about the Epic Events. Some objective (not editorial) help, please? What can I expect if I enter one? How important is it to take a group of allies with me? Do the positions of the entry points move around randomly? ~ HK ~
  11. This is a young feature, and if I understand it, it is a way to encourage "Peer to Peer" answers to Peer questions. If it is not being used by many, it may be that many Players do not attend to the Forums, being busy sailing. There is also the confusion in some minds between "answer" and "opinion" and "B.S." It may also be that no one attending has an actual answer and so does not reply. ~ HK ~
  12. The new fix to 9.97 is very controversial, and I get it. However the detailed explanation in the Patch Notes has been buried in editorial comments, and I can't find factual Q&A in the noise of 209 replies and counting. Could we focus in this thread on the actuality (good or bad) of the latest Hot Fix to Patch 9.97? Let me start with a simple question to which I'd appreciate a explanation, without any editorials on whether the function is good or bad. Perhaps others have similar needs and we can focus on Q&A rather than opinion. Here's my first factual question: In the new Port Battle set up, the introductory thread says that "Entry to Port Battles" will depend on position, with "two large circles around the port." It goes on to say that Defenders enter in the small circle, Attackers enter anywhere in the large circle. However, the image accompanying the post shows THREE, not two circles, each of the same size, one near the port, the two others separate, looking like a Mickey Mouse hat. Is the image one of the three "Capture Zones" rather than the Entry Circles? If the former, will the Entry Circles be concentric circles, centered on the "Enter (Port Name) space? Perhaps a Dev could post an image of the aerial view of the two Battle Entry Circles. If two concentric circles with the same focus, may Defenders emerge from Port within "Enter Battle" range of the focus of the concentric circles, while Attackers emerging from inside the Port must sail a bit to reach the "Enter Battle" spot? If Attackers sail to the Battle Port from Open World, will they encounter the Attacker Entry Circle first, before reaching the "Defenders Enter Battle" , and be able to enter before reaching the center of the concentric circles? If Defenders are showing up late (bad captain) and travelling to Battle Port in OW, must they fight their way through Screeners to reach the "Defender Enter Battle" point? Will the two Entry Circles be visible to all in OW until the battle closes for whatever reason? Thanks in advance for sticking to factual responses rather than editorials on the wisdom of the current reality. Let's play the hand we've been dealt before debating the rules of the game. ~ HK ~
  13. Not the understanding I had. Could someone in Management or Administration confirm officially when the restriction starts?
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