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  1. Instead of fine tuning the battle (what can be done in parallel, it is already good), i think it is time for the dev to : Put some content in the game (treasure quest in open world, PVE/PVP quest, like mission 'destroy 3 Brit', or destroy '2 Bellonas', kills 3 boat in the same battle, special mission to try to loot Marine Gold upgrade (or others), with the big risk to loose the ship...). This game need more variety to avoid the redundancy of the Fleet Mission Give us a good port interface, the one existing is horrible
  2. What is missing in the PB is the possibility to "instant" sink a boat. In case of being "outnumbered" by the enemy, it shall be possible to put all the "power" in the early battle to try to sink quickly boats. For example, decrease the number of leak needed to sink a boat. Allow to load a "double charge", that will take twice longer to load, and then 4 or 5 time longer to load the next single charge (the boat would be "out of battle" for a period of time). It would give more "option" on the battle field, more tactical option at the begining, greater importance to have the Wind over the ennemy.
  3. Hi boys, What is the situation between our two nation (FR+DUTCH) Is there any "Fire Cessession" engage ? Any discussion/negociation about peace ? What shall i do if i encounter a DUTCH ? Put some flowers in my canon ?
  4. Someone has an answer for the 3 days of delay (after port conquest) not working ?
  5. Entièrement d'accord ! Faut se mettre de coté les ressources et les upgrades (tout de même), par contre partir avec des Consti Verte ou Bleu est nécessaire. De plus montrer que la nation FR est tjrs debout est indispensable. Attendre la wipe une erreur à mon avis, sous peine de se faire wiper de nouveau dans la foulée derrière (la nation FR manque d'experience de PB je pense)
  6. Z-fuzi

    Paint it black

    Bro, Dev are really working to fix several things at the same time, really listening the community for the priority, and doing a good job. Why do you want to put more mess on it ? Are you bored to play Pirate ? Do you regret your choice and want a wipe earlier ? Giving more confusion to player and new player will reenforce the people to leave this beautifull game, that is what you want ? A Beta with 400 players on line ? Give time to dev to do their job, balancing the game is their priority of course. If you want, put the black flag on every port, dev will also move. But don't ask people to break the game...
  7. Haha. Buying the 200 unit each port produces per day ? To build a fleet ? With 5 contracts per person at the same time ? More of that, NA is already time consuming, i don't see the point to run around the map in smuggler, avoiding every ship on the map (1h30 of battle each time) to try to find some ressource, thus i understand why some just "left" the game (no ressource, no boat... no fun), waiting for the wipe.
  8. Hum. What it the interest of smuggling if you can't craft in an enemy town ? I mean, smuggling allow to enter an enemy town, but what is the purpose to do so if you can't craft by a way in this town ?
  9. You can smuggler, but you can't craft in enemy town, thus smuggler is not really helping yet.
  10. My small brick in the NA house building: Dev, please consider to allow player to craft in a enemy town, with a kind of penalties. Let me explain : NA problem actually is that if a nation is dominating too much on a side: 1. the fleet of the other nation is partly down, and has to be rebuild 2. Economy is quickly destroyed, that means that it is not possible to rebuild the fleet 3. People of the wiped nation is stopping to play (waiting the wipe for example) or turn pirate. Or is upset by the game 4. Flag cool-down of 3 days will push faster the crash of the economy (tomorrow's UPDATE) I propose the following : allow the craft in an enemy port with a penaltie, like 30% (50%?) gold more to craft, this gold could go in the hand of either the owner of the port, or be splitted to the whole nation, like a wage for every national player. Also take in account that it is not easy to access with a trader ship in the enemy port with the ease of the outpost tp. It will make the game more fun with the need of the nation traders to access to a port to get the material out of the port. I think it would be a good way to balance the game if a nation is being wiped, and allow this nation to follow the fight (USA is not doing it anymore for example, French may be also soon ?)
  11. Haha. Rumour. My old Grand Mother told me to avoid listening to it, but i am still used too . Seriously that could be a good news to hear that the "bad Drunks" are now on the good side of the Force
  12. Hum. 12-14, 14-16, some of us can play these timers, at least the Week End (and also guys working in the early morning) 02-04, who can seriously play it on Europe ? Either you sleep, or you have no job (but i advise you to sleep in order to find one), and in the week end you sleep or you are drunk . I really think that the dev should allow to open timer between 04pm and 00h. Or allow attackers and defenders to "agree" on a common timer (but i don't see how to do it right now, may be setting a second special "timer" while taking the port, forcing the future owner to choose a timing in between this aera, but this would be an opened timer of 6-8 hours).
  13. (Speaking on my french name only) War is really fun, Consti/Inger are not complicated to craft, and ressource can be extracted within a captured port. Also port wipe is on its way (may be 3-4 weeks from now on), and Brits are not dominating that much yet on the East of the map. I see the war with the Dutch as a "friendly" war, and i am sure this will end up with a good peace and on a strong partenership after the port wipe. The relation in PVP and PB shows that (no aggression nor insult) Concerning the Swedish, i currently don't know, because of the Drunks seems to navigate solo and I have seen some flaming post in this topic from some Swedish (which of course don't represent the whole Swedish community), so let's see what happen. But yeah, fighting with the Dutch in the South is from my point of view really cool, it makes NA more fun. And after each PB and fight you earn experience, and more from a loss, so that is positiv for the french community. My only displeasure concerns the timer, it shall not be possible to set a timer in the night (talking to Dutch/Brit here, Kingston like). The point is to PVP and RVR in this game, so let us the possibility to fight.
  14. I speak in my (french) name. Bro, first of all, calm down, please. For what i have seen,i t tooks 3 days for the FRE to join the war because of the complexity of our 2 "alliance", SWE and DAN. What I understand so far is that the ENG population is more than 40% of the NA population, that is to say the dominating force. And DAN were engaged also at war with the ENG, whereas to the eyes of the FRE, SWE was "friendly" (not hostile at least) to BRIT. The FRE leaders took probably the party of the "weakest" side (not regarding SWEvsDAN but BRITvsDAN) in order to balance the global fight and not to get destroyed one by one by the most powerfull nation, what may happen in the future if the DUTCH and the SWE follow to fight DAN and FR. Also, please consider that the french leaders can't be all the time there to try to calm every single independant frenchy that is trying to prove that he can do some PVP with his new 3rd rate. And it will probably happen also to the SWE one time in the future that not every single national SWE player would stay "under control". The actual situation is clearly in favor of BRIT, they will try to calm the PIR asap in order to fight back in our common water (DUTCH/FRE/SWE/DAN)
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