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  1. Blackbrook

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    It's not a good idea to require marks to leave a port. What if you have to sail to a port where you don't have an outpost (e.g. for repairs) and you don't have required marks to sail out and no way to get those? Perhaps an unlimited sailing licence for one day (until maintenance) would work? You can buy sailing licences from the admiralty using different marks (or whatever they will be called) and provisions. I would require sailing licence for 1st, 2nd and 3rd rates (3rd rate licence would be much cheaper than 1st rate licence). I think it would be a good idea that you lose your sailing licence if your SoL sinks and then you can't buy another in a day or two. I'm quite sure the admiralty would like to know why your ship is gone and they would not allow you to sail another before they know what happened.
  2. Blackbrook

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    How about requiring a permit to sail SoLs? You get one 1st rate permit from the admiralty every four weeks if you have the rank for that. Also one 2nd rate permit every two weeks and one 3rd rate permit each week. If your SoL sinks also your permit is gone until you get a new one from the admiralty. That way you can craft and buy as many SoLs as you want, but you can't sail them. Probably these sailing permits should not be tradeable. There should be a way to get more SoL sailing permits, but these extra permits must be very difficult and expensive to get. I think the current permit system for crafting ships is ok.
  3. Blackbrook

    Little bit of real history of Gustavia

    That is an open access published thesis in Doria which is "a multi-institutional repository maintained by National Library of Finland" as they say in the home page. That thesis is easy to find by the name of the author and title or even "Victor Wilson Gustavia".
  4. Blackbrook

    Little bit of real history of Gustavia

    I don't know whether this doctoral thesis has been mentioned here before, but it might be interesting, although I have not read it yet. Victor Wilson: Commerce in Disguise - War and Trade in the Caribbean Free Port of Gustavia, 1793-1815 Edit: You can find the thesis in this permanent address: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-765-807-2
  5. I suppose 2 minutes is about the time it takes to sail from the horizon to you if you are not moving. You should not be able to join a battle directly from a port or another battle, but what about if you jump out before the battle starts? Your scout outside tells you that there is enemy ship approaching and then the group jumps out before tagging and start sailing towards the victim before the scout tags him.
  6. Blackbrook

    Signaling Perk Removal ??

    Check your redeemables. I have a new redeemable of 50 PVE marks which you can use to buy perk reset permit.
  7. Blackbrook

    Such is a lord.... part 2

    In general, this is an elegant solution. Just to be sure: if I understand this correctly, you don't need to flip the port first to start receiving pension. It is enough that there is a PB and you defend it successfully. Right? For example, if the Swedes create a port battle in Road Town (owned by Denmark) but do not go to that port battle, all the Danish players in that port battle will start receiving pension? Because PB are limited to 25 players per side, I would consider an option that the government pays one time pension to those players who raised or lowered hostility during the last 24h before the PB was triggered if the port changes ownership. Total amount distributed could be the full daily pension of that region (or a fraction of it) and it is divided to the players based on their share of the total hostility points generated in that region during that last day. What do you think? Does this create exploits? I think that requiring that port owner changes prevents exploits.
  8. Blackbrook


    I think the only teleports the game needs are player teleports between outposts so that you can produce and sell stuff. There is one exception: we need is the "escape bug" -teleport i.e. tow to port. Treasure chest events were a good idea, but the implementation did not work.Maybe they can be changed and improved. Land in port battles is an improvement. I did not like the earlier port battles. The game is much better now after the latest big patch. It's little bit grindy (ship knowledge), but it is early access so nothing is final, I guess.
  9. Blackbrook

    Fireship Cutters

    I have no experience of that kind of attack, but I can see several possible reasons why the attack worked so well. Fireship cutter may be too powerful, but we need more tests to find best way to defend against them. 1) You were not prepared i.e. you were waiting in the wrong spot. Why on earth you are waiting in a spot where you can't see behind the island? If you have headwind, you can wait in the harbour or just outside the port so that you can escape to the port. If you don't want to wait, choose another route. Use the western entrance and go to the open see or sail close-hauled, but do not stop. 2) If there are many ships near you, your are taking unnecessary risks. Read the national chat, so that you know whether there are enemy action near you. Always check nearby ships so that you know who they are. 3) If you stop to wait, check the wind and keep your ship in good orientation relative to wind so that you don't have to turn if you are tagged 4) Be prepared (perk), so that your guns are ready to fire when the battle starts. I would try chain first and then switch to ball after the first round.
  10. Thanks, but my programming skills are not adequate for that. At least not yet.
  11. Maybe we need a trader tool (in game or in the net) which you can use to calculate decent prices (resources, materials, ships, modules). Default values could be based on level 1 buildings and default for labour hours could be 100g/h.
  12. It is not difficult to calculate good prices. The problem is that the economy is still spinning up and people are not willing to pay much, because they don't have money or there are too many people selling or crafting materials to get money. But it seems that there are many players who don't set a value for labour hours. And probably they forget the contract "tax" also which should be in included if you want to make profit.
  13. It may be mine. I know I'm loosing money. I sold the redeemable pickle because it was too slow and crafted another. I have now three slots open in pickle and I don't need it anymore, so I crafted a privateer, which I'm sailing now. I would like to keep the pickle, but there was no space in my harbour, and I have to sell it.
  14. Blackbrook

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    Did you deploy a patch yesterday? In the hotfix 3 notes you say: "Conquest marks moved for rework and rebalance. Lineships prices are now in pvp marks". Yesterday evening conquest marks were in the game, but there is no patch note about that.
  15. Blackbrook

    A nightmare for casuals

    Do the opposite. What trading products there are in your current port? Use the trading tool to find out the port which pays well for those products. Check the buy contracts of other players to find out products someone else thinks are productive and compete with them.