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  1. I'd like to see an historical battle event marker showing the number of ships sitting in a battlescreen cloaked up. As a non-player but an enthusiast of Naval Action, allowing fleets to sit in a past battle cloaked waiting to gank people is not historical in anyway whatsoever. So add a marker showing that a battle happened, and provide information so people approaching can site them and veer away.
  2. They haven't fixed the battlescreen gank yet? Really? Why not when a battle takes place there is a historical "event" flag with the numbers of ships left in the battlespot for open world people to avoid until EVERY battlescreen holder exits the event? Is it really the intentions of the Devs for entire fleets to be cloaked? This is not historical. I just watched Flying Ross's youtube vid wherein he complains of the fact that there is only a two minute timer for his Indiaman to get help. No problem there, you trader, you should be escorted or able to outrun or outgun, but for a pirate fleet
  3. Excuse me - But may I ask how a gamer would know about someone's gender identity choice? Honestly unless the person who identifies with being a different gender brings the topic up (which would be him/her throwing gender issues in the faces of people who may not have the same view) there is absolutely NO way to know over a computer game what gender a gamer identifies with! However by seeking protection via games rules from people giving said opposite gender chooser a hard time in game, you are actually seeking protection from "retaliation" after having thrown it in people faces, not "perse
  4. Yes! And little men should scamper about the rigging everytime you set and take in sails! I agree it would be lovely! (I would like the gunports to open and close) however much of the "realism" that could be done will just make it so poor people like me with crappy PCs have to wait longer to play this game because of the graphics requirements. So stop encouraging that! I want to sail the seas! =D, But seriously gunports that open and close? =P
  5. I'm not sure if it is productive to lose one ship slot in a battle and complain. I could very well be wrong, but in many other games I play, (World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, Eve Online) there can usually be one person missing from a battle (normally present but totally incompetent and no help whatsoever) and the team can win anyways. So is it really that bad that you lost one slot?
  6. Lets have care to not make capturing ports too much of a grind ladies and gentlemen. Having participated in many POS bashes in Eve Online, where a tower had to be reinforced, after which we waited for a count down timer before coming back and destroying it, it really became a grind and a drag getting people into bashing fleets. Just a concern to raise for your considerations.
  7. What about making Captured ports vulnerable to open attack for a certain period after capture? (until fortresses are built) requiring the capturing fleet to remain in the area for a day or two? Sorry! another thought along this line, if the ports were vulnerable to open attack for a period after capture, requiring the fleet to maintain guard duty, you could set the vulnerability time to end after the carebears have time to sail in materials to build up fortresses and defenses yes? This would give crafters a good purpose in the war efforts as well, plus the guarding fleet could detach vessels
  8. I agree. A war declared is one thing, giving an automatic notification as to where the enemy will strike is another. One of the great things about games like this (Eve Online is similar which I played for years) is the spying and behind the scenes things that really does happen in real life. If your empire is vast, you will have to have entire fleets dedicated to certain geographic locations. Giving a long timer while ensuring a well stocked battle, also allows for monopolies of ports since you have a longer time to move resources into position. Wouldn't this make it difficult for smaller newe
  9. Maybe this is a stupid suggestion, but what about using the boarding mechanic to also capture ports? At the end of the battle enough of the attacking fleet's crews must have survived to capture the forts. I apologize if this is stupid, I haven't managed to upgrade my computer to be able to play, so I'm learning by reading forums and watching youtube.
  10. Attacking during someone elses downtime can be a strategic aid to small groups that need to limit the number engaging them. It's not an unfair mechanic as the attacked then can retaliate in their preferred time zone right? cancels and unfair advantages out right?
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