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    Trolling (a little bit) without losing manners. The expansion of by beloved clans FNE and CELTI. Having fun and fighting Spain´s enemies, without beeing sunk so often.

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  1. What do you mean? You are not a real person? Anonymous threats, or threats made under a pseudonym are not threats? I see that you have already started hunting the people on your blacklist in Spanish waters. Hope to see you around, Hydra.
  2. Dear Jorge: Stop crying about being banned from the TS. Especially you. After threatening Lobogris with a beating on the Spanish forum, I personally think you should have been banned form the forums and from the game, and your own post about spies speaks of your paranoia... Anyone knows that threatening and intimidating another person by any written means is a punishable offence. Under the Spanish penal code, article 169.1, posting threats is punishable with 1 to 5 years imprisonment (delito de amenazas). The total absence of any moderation in the Spanish forum has allowed you and ot
  3. Dear Frog: Yes, it's all a pity. But the insults and threats of Jorge, Deltonos and others cannot be erased them from our minds. If I had posted only 1% of the things they have posted against other players and other clans I would have been immediately expelled from my clan. The majority of Ultras are decent people and excellent captains, like you. But the rotten apples inside your clan poisoned the whole faction. You know who they are. I personally appreciate you and all the efforts you have made for the Spanish faction. I'm very sorry to see you go. Sancho
  4. It is your choice to lie to other Spanish Captains. It is your choice to abandon them afterwards in the midst of battle. It's someone elses's choice to enter lineship battles with frigates (reply to them). It is my choice to be in my clan with my friends. It is also my choice not to cooperate with people that mock, bully, make threats and insult other players in the forums. There is my main choice.
  5. Dear Grudgemunkey. Here is another example of the abuse Spanish players have had to endure from a few ULTRA players. The Spanish forum is full of insults and demeaning comments like this, directed at non Ultra players. The departure of Ultra may have weakened us beyond remedy, but having Deltonos, Jorge, Pitxagorri and Pablo Frias leave Spain will be certainly a relief. At least we will not be embarrassed any more with posts like this. Now this individual is someone else's problem. I have tried to explain the situation here, but the posts of our former faction mates speak for themsel
  6. Dear Pablo. Trust on the goodwill of ULTRA and your generous offers to participate in port battles was lost after the infamous battle of Remedios, which was supposed to be a fake defensive battle agreed between the astute and illustrious head of VLTRA, and the popular and reliable leader of SORRY, and proved to be a death-trap where SORRY arrived with a full fleet of Bellonas, and crushed the few small clans that refused to flee the battle (curiously, the same few small clans that have stayed behind in Spain). All this, according to you was a "misunderstanding", but we lost trust on your
  7. Dear Deltonos. Cainite indeed. The actions and threats of you and some other members of Ultra show how cainite Spaniards can get. The good thing is that, since ULTRA had all the conquest marks, we have become accustomed to operating with small ships, and guerrilla warfare, so we will survive and have fun. The only thing standing right now in the way of a complete wipe of the Spanish faction is the goodwill of other factions, especially the British Council who, I would like to say it publicly, has shown that they care for the game, and not covering themselves with glory and conquest marks.
  8. Sure, most of the post are people insulting us becouse we are leaving spain and people from VLTRA insulting back, the only decent post are the OP and the explanation of @Jorge and @Pablo Frias And they banned all the VLTRA players with no spanish caracter from the ts lol (alts accounts are not allowed) Edited 18 hours ago by Pitxagorri Dear Pitxagorri: The post I published was not to insult you, if you think so, please quote those insults. I just quoted Lord Vicious who was making announcements about ULTRA (with some inaccuracies) and asked you to clarify
  9. 1. Reduce the number of hours work necessary to generate money/resources, the game has now become a permanent obligation and secondary job, without being so rewarding as it used to be. Suggestions: Reduce the price of extracting resources. Make resources more spread, abundant and easier to get. Increase the amount of money received as rewards for PVP and PVE. Allow for ship tows and shipping goods. 2. Remove factors that are shutting players out of parts of the game: Especially conquest marks have created a first class / third class citizens. In Spain this has even created a civil war wit
  10. Alvar, gracias por tu ironía, muy fina, muy fina. Sólo queremos saber si lo que dice es cierto o no, porque los Vltra, tan activos antes en el foro, no dicen ni pío. Nosotros ya estamos haciendo planes para lo peor, no te preocupes por los que nos quedamos en España que ya veremos cómo hacemos para divertirnos.
  11. Para que se sepa lo que hablan de nosotros, traduzco el contenido de este post del infame y temido Lord Vicious, gran amigo de algunos jugadores Españoles, donde expone en tres palabras nuestra situación actual: i doubt since ultra is joining danes and they are 80% of spain (100+ man clan with 25 ocean and 90% of spain marks production, wich will remain their even if they change side) that make de facto spain a dead nation, so there is 4 nations with a firstrate fleet, danes brit sweden and sorry and 3 of this are all against one, You not where about challenge and fair figh
  12. I'm not saying any of this is stupid, but Captain Goldman himself complained about the sheer number of British alts in the Gulf of Mexico. Or was it your alt that complained?
  13. No, Britain has not already won, but they may very well do so. The Spanish player base virtually disappears every summer, and is reduced to 10% of already small numbers in July and August. We leave our ships in Havana, and move to the real beaches to enjoy the sun, sangría, fiesta and siesta. Additional to that, there are rumours that the only big Spanish clan is splitting up and most of its veteran members moving to other nations. Some of them are even making threats to come back to Habana and seek payback for the perceived transgressions of the small clans that will stay in the Spa
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