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  1. Is "full rigged ships data" taken from API dump? Cause i might be able to grab it directly again and it to Ship Data dump (the other google file is mine )
  2. Txt file then i use Authotkey macro that looks for certain items i described in excel sheet which is my final output aswell.
  3. So i risk a Teak/Teak Renomee with 4 or 5 perma upgrade slots, with Copper Plating, Gazelle, Elite French Rig, etc.. and some bonus Trim.... for a Random Ship Note Nice deal loooolllll, everything in this game focuses on maximizing ships efficiency, so a brand new blank ship wont reduce "ship preservance".
  4. 1. API provides: - Item in each shop - sale price / sale quantity - so if someone is selling through contract it will show that price and the contracts quantity, the same for the NPC sale - buy price / buy quantity - so if the NPC store would buy any ammount of the item the price would be set, if that's a contact it would show how many items would that be - biggest issue on this is the fact the data is provided at maintenance time, and it is not updated during day time 2. From what i know there is no "working" website. 3. Yes, it is possible to parse the API data to identify
  5. Wind Changes - in OW: Obtain data from: https://www.windy.com/?20.303,-69.873,5 ,maybe contact owners for some historic data.. make a pattern and loop it ? In speed up cycle?
  6. I don't really care about the ring bell - i do not often afk sail... but the time it takes to find a viable target "outside safe zone" made me quit the game for now.
  7. Simple: While there are no Player controlled ships in sight (draw distance) your OW speed is doubled. As soon someone pops in range the speed is reduced to standard value, with a bell ring? And i don't care that it will cause AI to be slower, you would catch it anyway.
  8. 1. Limit Repairs = Fir/Fir ships will cease to exist very fast as they will be easily destroyed 2. Limit generation of Solo/Fleet Missions in Safe Zones for players with ranks above 3rd rate, so only newbies/unexperienced players be protected Simple.
  9. So everyone would only demast as most viable tactic. We have been there already.
  10. There should be more to OW than it is now, every additional activity would be nice...
  11. Best thing for the game would be to split Sail and Mast HP completely and add Mast Repair (spare masts) as an item. But it would require a lot of changes. Proposed mechanics would be a lot easier to implement: - Slow down repair to 1 minute intervals while consuming Repair item at the begining of each interval, each item repairing 250 dmg (plus upgrades/knowledge) - Calculation of a damage limit - simple math and couple more variables for each part of the ship - Increase damage to crew while repair is active
  12. First of all 'Battle Instance' repairs should be limited, there are a lot comments on this issue, mostly because ships can repair all the time (every 10 minutes). I would propose a mechanic that would instantly remove the issue and add 'realistic' touch during battles: 1. Ship can repair all the time, either Rig or Hull (can't do both at a time) - Crew picks toolboxes instead of loading guns or tackling sails 2. Rig / Hull repairs are consumed every minute - As much crew repairs they consumes materials 3. Repair process requires crew (like now), but crew has higher chance of being h
  13. Exactly, Free Towns or "Open" ports are so rare, and you would have to find repairs available. So basicly a miracle. Of course you can bring repairs with you, but when you are badly damaged you will use up all of them at once. Unless you sail LGV...
  14. Yeah, but that takes time and you might lose more than you earned.
  15. When you are far from a friendly port you can just use repairs you found on enemies or the ones you brought with you (but they might run out pretty fast). What about an option while you stand next to boarded ship, right now you can just sink it - what if you could salvage some Hull/Rig Repairs out of it and sink at the same time. Of course the ammount you receive would be corresponding to the size of the ship you sink. But even couple of repairs are better than having zero in hostile territory.
  16. Add a "Disguise" button for every Pirate Player - that would work the same way as "attack" button. Target a player, push a "Disguise" button and for 20 seconds you would look like you are from that players nation if/when he clicks on you. Cooldown 1 hour.
  17. Wasa is just plain & stupid OP: - Speed - Chasers & Cannon Count (broadside weight) - Crew - Cost to acquire (just get some money/marks) And as the pure Speed is still considered the meta, Wasa's are the meta. No one plays any other 4th Rate ship anymore - people even stopped playing Reno's or Endymion's. And it is not a solution to play Wasa - the solution is to NERF Wasa stats - preferably speed, down to 10-11 knts - this way it might use it's Chasers as an advantage/defence.
  18. Can we add the type of each "Refit"? As for example some "Rig" refits cannot be used on the same ship: Bovenwinds won't allow usage of Cotton Sails, British Rig Refit, French Rig Refit - so all of them should be counted as "Rig" type. Although Pino Ocote Masts might work (haven't tested).
  19. He is talking about fix on Swing & Swivel thingy (can't recall exact naming) it provides 5% higher elevation angle and 5% wider horizontal angles.
  20. Basicly the biggest drawback of teleports to Free Towns as it was before 'the Wipe' is the fact that one nation could use it to instantly jump into a distant location on the map and Grind Hostility before defensive fleets could reach that spot. As of now we have a cooldown on ability to join PB if someone logged off in OW. So the idea is to introduce simmiliar cooldown but for Hostility gain/creation after undocking from Free Town, of course cooldown would be dropped when a player docked into it's national port. I would propose a cooldown of atleast 3 hours. This way more PvP would be
  21. That's why i mentioned it with an example when you pointed out other Stats might have 20% cap aswell.
  22. I think there's no 20% Speed cap. I've got Gazelle, Bovenwinds, Copper, Opt. Ballast, Art of Cargo Dist. on my Surprise (Bermuda/Bermuda) and it is 19% from bonuses and 10% from woods used, and every item/skill added increased speed, finally reaching 15knts cap. (drops below the cap, only when above 215 tons in hold with full set of long cannons - 4/9/6/4 pdrs).
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