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  1. Too bad there's no indication for anyone that has no Patrol Mission taken if you going into a battle in the area... in such case ship mostly lost, for nothing. It happened to me yesterday, didn't knew te rules of engagement, lost very good ship.
  2. Really? O'Rly? Try fighting: Navy Hull, Copper Plating, Bovenwinds, Gazelle, Pino Ocote ship ..i can think of couple more combos..
  3. Yes it is... but it makes the game painful to play in this state when everyone except me would sail 5/5 ships... its not funny.
  4. Oh rly.... just came home to see Hot Fix on a log on screen... and people telling that all ships crafted in last couple of hours were 5/5..... If you dont wipe till maintenance i quit... it's just so retarded from your side.
  5. "Player names and ship names removed from players in the open world identification. You will only know that it is a player and an approximate rank of the vessel/vessels." What the hello kitty? Whats the point of this change?
  6. Please limit the Reinforcement zone to apply only to ranks below 10. This is silly for old-experienced players to hide in safe zones while there are still forts arround.
  7. Darayavahus

    Jib / Square Sail & Sail Force Multiplier

    Is "full rigged ships data" taken from API dump? Cause i might be able to grab it directly again and it to Ship Data dump (the other google file is mine )
  8. Darayavahus

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Txt file then i use Authotkey macro that looks for certain items i described in excel sheet which is my final output aswell.
  9. Darayavahus

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    So i risk a Teak/Teak Renomee with 4 or 5 perma upgrade slots, with Copper Plating, Gazelle, Elite French Rig, etc.. and some bonus Trim.... for a Random Ship Note Nice deal loooolllll, everything in this game focuses on maximizing ships efficiency, so a brand new blank ship wont reduce "ship preservance".
  10. Darayavahus

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    1. API provides: - Item in each shop - sale price / sale quantity - so if someone is selling through contract it will show that price and the contracts quantity, the same for the NPC sale - buy price / buy quantity - so if the NPC store would buy any ammount of the item the price would be set, if that's a contact it would show how many items would that be - biggest issue on this is the fact the data is provided at maintenance time, and it is not updated during day time 2. From what i know there is no "working" website. 3. Yes, it is possible to parse the API data to identify items sold/bought. I'm doing that myself. (greedy bastard mode)
  11. Fast question: API data names "Lhermione" and "Hermione"... which one of those is currently in game as PvP reward: "L'hermione Note"?
  12. Darayavahus

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    So if API is not valid... so how the hello kitty can we figure out stats of ships? And don't tell me "figure it out on your own" crap. Get your shit together, you are not providing any "decent" patch notes, and expect us to not get frustrated, as we would need to be eternally greatful for half broken game that is slowly dying for 2 years now.
  13. Darayavahus

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Currently API data has two values that could distinguish smaller and bigger ships: - Acceleration - Deceleration But both for all ships are set to 0,5...
  14. Darayavahus

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Although im wondering why some ships have huge reverse speed against wind.. like Gunboat.