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  1. the MM at the moment is ridiculous, Sometimes you have 14 people in the Q and you get matched with 3 others and 6 bots. Also the Time that the MM takes to find a match is absurd, there are so many people leaving again cause its taking so long to find one with the 1 minute timer. Please fix in next update.
  2. Lol Okay. Every Other Pirate gets on the KOS-List for attacking other pirates and if Vicious wants to attack someone he gets accused for spying or similar shit. GG. Edit: Removed the real life political reference - Moderator team
  3. Yeah because its not really fun to roflstomp a nation to death and continue to in hell.
  4. I dont know but this thread reminds me of the Deutsche Wochenschau in the Second WW, always used to impress their countrymen with great numbers, that the allies would need 20 Shermans to take out one glorious Tiger, but they didnt include that they destroyed theirselfs more than the allies did to poor reliability, what i want to say is: Who do you want to impress with this ? What kind of role does this play ? Do you think people will Join you because you destroyed some ships from a overexpanded, underpopulated, fairly unorganized Nation ?
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