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  1. Ship building More doubloons or another "special resources" you need less valuable normal resources are. Players grind doubloons. They have enough labor hours and resources? LH and resources are plenty and doubloons are rare. Doubloons have high value, LH and resources don't? To make resources to feel important, to feel like something you want to capture from a trader, you have to give back them their value.
  2. Asymmetric. You understand that you consider it good that World Champion Boxer beats kids in kindergarten? No way to be proud that you won someone. Asymmetric, maybe some actually can make themselves to believe they are good. About Messi. You have all the things right there. You forgot to include the magic gear you want to have. You made unbalanced combat options. This game will never be about headshots. I am also older player but I am not here to cheat myself. You learn to make 6vs1 possible. Do you understand that you made mechanisms to do this when your opponent does not know these? When all players know, then the benefit goes based on meta. Only ones suffering are new players, only ones benefiting are bad PvP players. You want Magic Samurais, cool. What about Master Samurais? You cannot be a Master Samurai in this game. The game has to be set so that you KNOW that you were good. Not so that you start to think how much better gear you had. Not so that you abuse some mechanism vs new players. New players are also a bit cheated to believe that PvP is similar to PvE, when those are so different. I don't like bush, I don't like camp, I agree with all that you listed. I want still a PvP game, not a nub gank game. Many PvP players left because of your changes. You understand that to know what combat mechanism you left there to be the best is the key. Is that really better than actual skill based PvP? CS pistol wipe is possible. That player must feel good from it. I would like to feel good playing Naval Action. I don't want to think that I abused some mechanism or some easy-cheesy tactic that you left there to be abused. ... 100k+ bought the game. Everyone speaking how freaking awesome game Naval Action is. Steam reviews well on positive side. You took your stand. Steam reviews went well on negative. Players left the game. You said that 1000 players is the best you can do. Today, stick with your stand. Steam reviews sill on negative. You say few hundred is the best 2 programmers can do. If you don't ever try you cannot ever fail. You have tried, you have failed. How long it will take before you admit that things could have gone better? I don't think it is too late but if you enforce your point of view and never admit, then not much left to do. Also when you admit there that this is only for few hundred. You clearly understand where you stand now but you don't try to fix your stand. It is like you gave up. You don't believe that you can make this a game that will be played by thousands. ... You say there none has told you good enough reason to remove Multireps. I wrote many many many posts why to remove. Go through my posts, plenty of reasons why to remove. Decrease speed from upgrades and books. Very important. Art Of Ship Handling, if you have something this good, you should have tens of books and upgrades that are equally good. Give us end game build options. If you want to keep the mega grind you love then fine, but don't make this dump end game. New sailing profiles are nice. You told you will change game back to more gamy way as before. Do this. Give us more good ships, this is too meta right now, balance it already. Balance wood types. Once again this provides more options to end game. It is boring when everyone is sailing the same wood types. Only difference is how much grind to do before you get it. Seven good wood types create build options, something to do in the end game. Do tutorial many times and test which tactics are the easiest. Balance these tactics so that are equally good. You should get pretty close to good. After you have balanced combat, check that the gear is balanced to support it. Check that in every case with gear you cannot get "I win". Other good thing to do would be to decrease grind. You don't need but if you don't want to fail with this project, you need players. You get bigger playerbase by simply decreasing grind. Make it accessible by many. East European and Russian games are often about mega grind, like Korean games. I understand that maybe in your culture it is more acceptable to grind. Nothing bad in that but if you want more players. Everything you can grind will eventually end. What is left is the end game. If material end game is achieved by getting few best items. Well that is a shitty damn end game. Better to have many options and keep us forever thinking different builds. I don't want participation trophies. I don't need any extra trophies from PvP. I already told you that PvP marks was a mistake. I think it was good like it was long time ago. Money and XP. If PvP is good, I don't really care. I don't even care if your economy sucks if PvP is good. Don't be so god damn stingy with your ships. Give people ships to sail. Give us War and not economy to grind forever. It is a WAR server not a LOVE server. Most things listed here are database changes or whatever file you use to save the data. You have a really good game it is just that your database values are set in way that most don't want to play. Hostility is not as good as Flags. This is because you replaced pure PvP with PvE. I know tens of players who pretty much quit after this change. It is not fun to sink bots. Good luck with your aggressive AI stand. PvP players will play a good PvP game 10 years. PvE players need new content all the time or they quit. For a small Indie company with 2 programmers it is much easier to achieve a good PvP game. Also much more profitable as they don't stop. Today you have a PvE game where you can do PvP. Go back to PvP game where you can do PvE. Keep your target in thousands of players not in few hundred. Unfortunately the hardest part before you can get even started is to admit that your stand is not good enough.
  3. Of course I am not. Multireps sure affect but the rest included. Gear and unabalanced combat mechanisms will help to create bigger gaps between players even after you remove multireps. Multireps have at least 2 sides. Small fleet is able to abuse repair kits. This happens when you have gear or enemy not understanding at all what they are doing. Can be also both, gear and not understanding. Another is when players don't have gear advantage and bigger fleet understands the basics, is more competent. In this case smaller fleet is suffering from Multireps.
  4. Skill gap was higher before. In other games 1v2 and 1v3. In Naval Action 1v5 and 1v6. This is exactly what happens when the game is broken, out of balance. We had it before that good players were able to get 1v2 and 1v3 kills. Admin posted AFTER that they changed the game to make it possible to 1v2 and 1v3. They decreased the skill gap, introduced gear and unbalanced mechanisms. More players started to 1v2 and 1v3. Admin even made a post to inform this. Suddenly players that were able to get 1v2 and 1v3 started to get 1v4-8 victories. Ram Dinark was a good PvP player in 2016. @admin can go through forum archive. Sure you can find my post. I warned you from this shit that you made.
  5. Liq has been multiple times asking balanced RoE for Patrol Zones. I have understood that your PvP Zones have been gank zones. None is fighting even fights, the game is what it is. You are saying that raw factual data should not be used to improve the game?
  6. This only says that if you have very high KD ratio you have been ganking or sinking nubs?
  7. Player moves out from capital to do missions. The question is how he is able and how much effort/time it takes to start doing missions. He cannot produce repair kits himself. He is bound to capital or some random port that has player produced repair kits or other resources. Put it all together and then doing missions is greatly increasing his time spent to grind XP or whatever he wants to grind.
  8. Cmdr RideZ

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    It was tested already. None crafted ships, stores were empty, nothing to buy. They have to make the economy to work before they can remove RNG.
  9. Dear @admin, maybe you can check competitive skill based PvP game K/D ratios to compare to your game before you start making any announcements. K/D 2.0 is very good in competitive PvP. If you fight vs equally good opponents your K/D is at 1.0. If good players kill nubs on public server maybe something like K/D 6.0? If skill difference is very high and they kill nubs gear does not matter that much. Now check K/D ratios from your game. Ask from yourself why every good PvP player left your game? Ask if it maybe, just maybe, like really MAYBE, there is something to learn and maybe something to fix in Naval Action?
  10. If you really think like this and are proud to announce it. Explains why the game is today what it is. Ask from yourself what kind of gear bonuses would make the game gear based then? Gear has to give 100000% more damage to make it gear based? Would that be enough for you? Or maybe 100000000000000000000000% more damage? Combat balance is also so bad and wont be better as long as you believe in this. You are a game developer and I am really disappointed to see this post. If this is the starting point it will take long time before this game will be good PvP game again, if ever. Cant remember who said it before. It is like the development team changed after 2015, early 2016. Why the game was so good PvP game then and now we are here? If they were the same people, how the game can be so different now and then? Who was able to make so good PvP game that time? Why are we here now?
  11. It is easier to craft cannons and ships in capital than it is to find outpost and only craft repair kits for your own needs. You can't actually even craft all repair kits without an DLC or alt. Repair kits are economically in major role when those should be in minor role. Needs much time and effort to craft repair kits. Players who don't have XP. They have to sail to take missions from other ports? We try to push them out from safety of capital. They cannot craft repair kits so how is this idea going to play? Most may not see this as an issue as you already have everything and maybe even clan farming grounds. Have to admit that I did not see this issue either until a friend told me his story. edit. You have a 5th rate, cold world is waiting. You sail to do missions and back to capital to get more repair kits. To be able to make your own repair kits in some mission area you select, you need Reals for multiple outposts and buildings + a DLC. You build your outpost and sail trader around to get materials and repair kits you find. How long it takes to level like this? I am like the only one who thinks this is terrible?
  12. You need 5 outposts and 6 buildings to craft your own repair kits. In a game that was about Naval Action, combat. WAS, notice this game WAS about combat, this WAS amazing PvP game. You spend 50% of your time building repair kits? You need DLC or an alt to do so? I am not even talking from building ships. I only talk if someone wants to build repair kits. Repair kits that should have a minimal role in this game. The whole combat system is now shit after multireps. The idea that players leave capital cannot ever work if you cannot even craft basic things. This is so F*ing bad game design that I don't have words to describe it.
  13. You cannot even craft repair kits as one player. So what were you saying?
  14. I was just hoping none would bring up the fact that you need a DLC. As well, don't you think this is a bit too much? For F*ing repair kits? You need a F*ing DLC? Like normally in games there would be rage. I know the current playerbase is made of PvE-grind-trade-craft-carebears. After enough grind and gear they go gank mode and think they are good in PvP. You never going to want PvP players in this game, right?
  15. No other options really. I think limitation for buildings is good. To craft ships you need more than just 5 different resources + workshops, shipyards, etc. Repair kits have too big role if I need to spend 5/5 buildings for resources +1 for workshop. There is no way to craft all. Even if we only needed 3 outposts and buildings + workshop, this would be huge when you have been limited to 5 buildings. Building all repair kits, you need an alt. Sailing between ports and crafting kits takes probably as long time as time spent to do missions or PvP. I am like the only one who thinks that focus is too much in secondary areas?